Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Unhappy Why am i here?

Why am i here, im stupid, ugly, fat, i suck at choir, i suck at school, my mom hates me, kids at school think im a *****, or weird, i offer nothing to this world, i do nothing right.
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and whats even sader is i have to go on a freakin weight loss sight to vent cuz i dont have any friends for that. but who would want to be my friend anyways?
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Hey I'm at the same stage you are. If you ever need to vent or anything. Since you posted in this forum I'm assuming you struggle with depression like me? How long have you been dealing with it?
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I don't believe any of that for a minute. I know you're thinking it right now, but I sincerely do not believe that you "do nothing right".

And so... more hugs
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If it is any help, a lot of us are on this site because there aren't people in our lives who we can talk to about our weight. It doesn't make us losers or bad people, it just means we need help from people who understand. You're already doing something right by coming on here to seek some help. Good luck x
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Dear kb,

Please try to find someone in your life to talk to about how you feel. Is there a teacher or a counselor that you could approach?

Everyone has a reason for being; you just have not found yours yet.

I am 59 years old, and felt as you do not too long ago. I was in a horrible depression, and I thought that nothing I did mattered at all. When I started on some medicine, and started talking to someone about my feelings, everything changed.

Please don't give up! And please write again. There are people here who can helo.

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I have had those feelings before too. And I felt so alone, and helpless. I felt like no one understood and no one cared. I never felt like I was enough, and I just caused pain and misery. I am sorry to hear you are dealing with these feelings. It sucks and it hurts. I spent a lot of time writing, it was my outlet, because I did not have anyone to talk to about it. After I would write it all down I would burn the paper because I did not want anyone to read it. And I agree with Lovely, I do not believe that you "do nothing right", and I also agree with Malka, depression bites, and maybe you can find someone to talk to and help you work through these feelings. Everyone has a purpose and a place!! :hugs:
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I totally empathize with your depression and feelings of self-hatred. I have times when I feel that way too and its really dreadful. I hope there is a way that you can get some help--a therapist or some anti-depressants.

Your negative feelings about yourself are getting in the way of your weight loss though, aren't they? You're operating with hatred rather than love and I bet your body can tell! That's a really, really hard thing to work on. But I want to suggest that you go to your library and take out a book called "The Beck Diet Solution." It's a diet book but it is written by a cognitive behavioral therapist and what it does is try to get you to THINK differently and more helpfully about weight loss and the struggle that goes along with it. The book has lists of 'sabotaging thoughts'--like those you express above--and offers ways of re-framing those thoughts so that you don't wind up in a binge or depressive tailspin.

It's worth a try, right? Because right now all your depression and your negative feelings are preventing you from getting what you want, and you should work to figure out how to not let them!

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