Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default What would you choose thin or depressed?

That's basically where I'm at now.

My diet is working out great, but I've slid back into feeling depressed once agian.
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You make it sound like you only have a choice between the two? Do you think that regaining weight is going to make you less depressed?

They're seperate things, not a choice of one or the other. You can be thin and happy, fat and happy, thin and depressed, or fat and depressed.

Personally my first choice would be thin and happy. My second choice, would be fat and happy. Third choice, thin and depressed. Fat and depressed, I'd prefer to avoid - I know what that's like and have to say "no thank you" to that.

If you really think that you can't be thin and happy, and believe you have a shot at fat and happy, I guess I'd say go off the diet (because I value quality of life, over quantity), but are you sure that's your only option?

Personally, I'd shoot for thin and happy. If that meant antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, weekly counseling... whatever it took to have a shot at both.

Now it is possible that the way you're dieting can be contributing to depression (I get very physically and mentally run-down when I cut calories too low, so to be reasonably happy while dieting, I have to sacrifice speed. I'm ok with slow progress, but not no progress).

Before my doctors recommended supplements, I thought vitamins and herbal supplements were largely useless. Then my neurologist put me on 1000 mg folic acid for memory and energy, and my general practioner but me on high doses of fish oil and vitamin D for physical pain issues (and they've helped my mood also). I'm also on amitriptyline and cyclobenzaprine for sleep (without the meds I don't spend enough time in deep sleep. I sleep, but I don't reach the deepest, restorative stages).
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Dieting can trigger depression, one reason for over eating is all those "pleasure" brain chemicals get going. (It was useful for the survival of the human race when food was scarce.) Try to understand that is just what it is, and engage in some activity you greatly enjoy. Cognitive therapy is also very useful (saved me!)
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Originally Posted by Bribarian View Post
That's basically where I'm at now.

My diet is working out great, but I've slid back into feeling depressed once agian.
I would choose to be anything over depressed, because depressed assumes that despite whatever is going on with yourself or your life that you are unhappy.

However, a lot of the times people who are depressed FROM dieting simply are struggling with the portion of the diet where you put in all the effort and get none of the rewards. The rewards lag the work considerably. If this is what is going on with your situation, simply continuing the dieting process and toughing it out will eventually lead to health benefits, which indirectly helps with depression.
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Maybe talk to someone, perhaps the getting depressed when loosing weight is just a self destructive behaviour?
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If you need to, you can pause and maintain where you are at while you investigate what's up with the depression thing.

So go to the doc and get a check up. Check for vitamin deficiencies too. Esp if you have been dieting, because some of them trigger depression.

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I am the very last person who should be posting here! Personally I am so far into my depression that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I always had that one last hope or that one wish that things would be ok and now I have lost that.
For me health comes first not only for myself but my family too. So if that means being a couple of pounds overweight then so be it. But I would give anything to be happy, I really would.
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You have to figure out where the depression is coming from, so you can be open to the weight loss and the changes that come with it. I have been there , it can be a tough circle, Im just now figuring out where the depression was coming from. Just know you can have both, no reason to limit your happiness !! GOOD LUCK !!
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Do something to pamper yourself! To make you realize what a great job you've done and how much improved your life and/or health is now that you've lost some weight. Best of Luck! HUGS
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