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Angry Dec 29th-Sunday

Well this weekend is my first days off since before Xmas and so I am trying to enjoy myself...lots to do though as two family gatherings....

We got some snow through the night here in western canada and it is cold!

dd11 is still sleeping, dh is sleeping as he worked nights last night and dd four is enjoying her hot choc and toast.

I want to deep clean my house but too many other things to do...maybe tomorrow, though work is calling me every few hours to come in...feel bad not going but would feel worse to see the look on my kids faces if I went.

Hope all is well....I am feeling horrible about the amount I am eating and will not go near a scale until I get back on track a little...drinking hot water this am and my cereal so will start slow.

Talk to you all soon...wonder if we should try to post on the dailies instead of starting a new thread with every post..otherwise it is hard to stay in the loop...though I understand some things need their own thread...everyone remember to do their bio's too!

Bye for now!

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Hi Everyone,

Lizzy, boy I hear you about the scale, I am terrified of going on it again. I'm with yah on that one sis.

Nothing new here, just got an icky head cold, sore throat...etc.

Cleaning house ???? did you say. I really have to clean cause we are expecting company on new years eve and my house is in shambles. Wish I was a genie

Talk to you all later,

Have a wonderful day !

Love, Leenie
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Hi everyone
I am new to this site, today is my first day, and am so glad to have it. Thank you Leens for telling me to come here to meet everyone, I posted all of my info in the welcome.
I look forward to getting to know all of you!
As for the scale...ughhh....but plan on starting with the new year.. new frame of mind. (or so I think) LOL
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I am not looking at the scale until after New Year's Eve! I am willing to bet DH and I haven't eaten any veggies in a week and a half! Oy vey! My digestive system is a mess! I've been reading up on Readers digest new book regarding losing weight. it suggests that changing our eating habits one meal at a time. I think we have the all-or-nothing attitude about losing weight! You know...if we eat some french fries after staying on track, the french fries completely wrecks all our efforts. When we think about it, that's silly! A thin person eats french fries...just not the super size along with a 1000 calorie hamburger!

Regarding depression, it's hard for some of us not to be depressed this time of the year. Just hang on and it will get better. If it doesn't, see your doctor. There is no need to suffer.
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Hey guys! I am at work again today and bored out of my scull!!! I leave at 3 so I only have 1 1/2 hours left but I am betting that this will be the longest hour and a half of my life. I wish I could be at home like you guys. Of course I don't hvae to clean b/c hubby and the dog have been gone since Thursday. The cats and I really don't make to much of a mess.

I bought and finished a book about food addictions and I feel like the thing was written for me. I am going to sit Joe down and tell him that I think I have a problem and that the only way for me to do this is with his help.

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