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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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I take a low dose (150 mg), and it took a half a month for the appetite decrease to kick in. It has definitely reduced my appetite. It completely eliminated my binge eating.

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Only a small percentage of Wellbutrin users experience loss of appetite. It's not a guaranteed thing. I personally take this medication and did not have a decreased appetite until about 2 months later and its only a few days a week.
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Wellbutrin doesn't have any effect on my appetite, which is why I like it. SSRI's make me crave sugar and simple carbohydrates and I end up feeling miserable and down on myself for not having any "self-control" or whatever BS my brain throws at me. I still crave simple carbs during PMS time, but it's much better than every single day.
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Originally Posted by odonnela View Post
Me too. My therapist swears I couldn't have been born this way but
it really feels like it. I had a happy childhood, I have a happy marriage, great
family, great friends....so why do I do this? Thats the $10,000 question.

I know I was born this way. No doubt that it is genetic in my family. I was breastfed until I vomited (consistently) and then I grew into eating until I threw up until I was around 6. I had no ability to stop. It took me YEARS to get it under control. The first time I was ever able to stay on a diet was around 17 years old.

My psychiatrist also doubts the "born this way" argument. I don't know that it actually matters if there is a genetic reason for it though, as it all has the same outcome. There's no drug that will magically snap you out of compulsive eating, its just work, work, work.

I have a lot of issues with Wellbutrin, but the first time I took it (around 17 years old, 17 years ago) was the first time I was able to stay on a diet for an extended period of time. It won't magically give willpower, but it will back you up, its kind of amazing that way. I can't take it now.

Anyhoo, I think if it comforts you to think of it this way, than go ahead, but we as a society are focussing more on the "whys" of our issues than the solutions. Sometimes dwelling on the "whys" actually prevents you from progressing to a solution. I've been in therapy most of my life and it is only in the last 7 years or so that this has become clear. The action is what solves the problem, and that progress will help you to analyze the source of your issues in a rational, constructive manner.
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Originally Posted by fitwayoflife View Post
I take a low dose (150 mg), and it took a half a month for the appetite decrease to kick in. It has definitely reduced my appetite. It completely eliminated my binge eating.
I too lost the desire to binge. It was like a miracle for me. That was more of an effect than a decrease in appetite. I can't take it now due to the anxiety. As a kid, that wasn't a biggy, as a neurotic adult...I can't handle it!

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Just found this topic through a quick board search. My doctor recently upped my Wellbutrin and the cravings I had been suffering nearly all my life went away It was truly a miracle for me!
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Default Loss of appetite

I have been on Welbutrin 450 mg for one week and my appetite is just GONE. I'm not on it for weight loss, I'm on it for persistent major depression, but weight loss would be a bonus.

I'm having no bad side effects, just lack of appetite. I have to remind myself to eat or I wouldn't eat at all. My hubby was out of town for two days, and I sort of holed up and just read romance novels and realized I hadn't eaten in 1 1/2 days! I'm more careful now to eat something healthy every day.
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I've been on Wellbutrin for a couple of weeks now and I've definitely noticed a change in appetite and will power. My work has been covered in Halloween chocolates and fresh-baked goodies and I don't even have a desire to partake. I'm just starting to get back with the weight loss journey but decided to get my depression under control first. The Wellbutrin seems to actually be aiding in both. I haven't noticed any other side effects.
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I have been on wellbutrin for 2.5 years. Initially when I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety just over 3 years ago I was put on Celexa. Didn't sleep much for a month, but after that I really noticed it worked wonders. And in six months I gained 30 lbs. So I was switched to Wellbutrin XL. For the first few weeks I was nauseaus from 10am-1pm every day, but slowly that time lessened. I have gained weight while being on it, but not due to the med. I take 150 mg.. but honestly I don't find that it helps as much as I'd like. I've tried to go up a dose, but every time I have (my doctor has gotten me to try 2 or 3 times) my body reacts really badly and my heart rate goes crazy, I get super dizzy and anxious.. so I just stick to the 150. If I forget to take it for a day.. or two.. then I sometimes can get nauseous first thing in the morning. Hasn't affected my eating habits at all.. that I'm aware of. A year prior to starting it I was already cutting back on my food intake, so it's hard to say sometimes what certain things are due to.
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Last time I took Wellbutrin I lost almost 30 pounds without much effort. Perhaps because my dose is only 300mg, 6 months after I lost that weight it slowly started coming back on. Then I quit cold turkey (such a bad idea - thought I "didn't need it") and gained weight even more rapidly…it was like I couldn't control myself around food at all.

I'm back on it again and it really is marvellous. My cravings are almost non-existent and I have much more energy.
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Default My answer

I have only been on the medication for 5 days and I feel better and what I did notice was my binging/cravings are gone. I feel hungry but dont rush to the refrigerator or grab something to stuff in my mouth. I actually prolong when to eat. I eat normally. It is already helping me dramatically and I am very happy my doctor prescribed it for my depression. I read online that this pill will help those who craved extra food due to depression however if you have not had the experience of craving and binging due to depression then the medication may not work for you. Hope this helps
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I have quite a lot of experience with Wellbutrin. I have been taking 300mg XL off and on for a few years. In my experience, it drastically reduced my appetite initially. Over time, it stopped working as well in the appetite department, and I started to swing the other way with my mood. Turns out I ended up being diagnosed with bipolar 2. Now I am on a mood stabilizer, and Wellbutrin. The mix has kept my appetite low, but I am assuming once my body gets adjusted to the new med, that will fade away.

I did learn that the depression piece has made weight loss and appetite control nearly impossible for me for many years... practically my entire life. Once the depression started to straighten out, I had more control over food. I am struggling still and have at least 1 hard day a week... today being one of them where I went SIGNIFICANTLY over my calories. However, I calorie cycle for this reason, so I am ok for the week. But the loss of control today is reminiscent of my binge cycles and was rather scary. I feel a little bloated. I am also having a low mood day, so it makes sense, I guess. The days are less frequent, and for me, I really believe it's the mix of meds.

Anyway, I did like Wellbutrin alone, but considering the additional issue I have with the bipolar 2 deal, I have to take a mood stabilizer with it. I take Lamictal, which is weight neutral, and is also effective with "resistant" depression, with Wellbutrin.

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Red face my two cents

I know this is an old thread but I wanted to share my experience so far with Wellbutrin

I was prescribed the generic of Wellbutrin a few days ago for depression (today is day 3). My doctor wanted to start me off slow with it so im only taking 75mg for 10 days then increasing it to 150 after that.

I notice that my energy has increased a little over the past two days and last night I had a hard time falling alseep. I also notice I'm a little jittery and my appetite is changing. Its like this - I feel my stomach growling but I keep putting off eating - its weird.

So far it hasn't increased my anxiety. Which is awesome because I read it could.

Two years ago I took Zolft for anxiety and depression and gained almost 60 lbs. I had to come off it even though it worked for me very well.

ok, just my two cents
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I switched to Wellbutrin after being on Lexapro for nine months, and I couldn't be more pleased with the change.

Before I started taking Lexapro, I maintained my weight fairly well and could lose a little here and there if I went to the gym every day. I have a fairly active lifestyle, I just make bad choices in the kitchen, and the convenient store, and fast food restaurants... those. In the nine months that I was on Lexapro, I gained 55 pounds. I think I went from being pissed off all the time and always on edge, to easing off a little and not worrying about absolutely everything. The downfall was that I didn't worry about my weight. I discussed weight loss meds with my doctor, but he advised against almost anything that would be effective without Lexapro. He recommended Wellbutrin, and the fact that it doesn't have quite the same side effects. He said that some people (thin people I'm assuming) complain of drastic weight loss. With that, I thought surely I would at least be able to lose weight with diet and exercise. During the first few months of Lexapro, I continued my exercise regimen, but I was gaining pounds instead of losing, and it wasn't because I was building muscle. My physical shape went from curvy to what felt (feels) like round. Because I didn't give a damn, I quit trying to exercise because it seemed like a waste of time.

After being on Wellbutrin for a month (150 mg twice daily), I've lost 15 pounds without realizing it. Suddenly, I don't even think about food. When I do, it's so much easier than before to say, "Look fatty, you don't have to have that." I have been able to replace two meals a day with a weight loss shake (a method that was very effective for me several years ago), simply because I'm not convincing myself that the shake isn't enough. I drink it and go about my business. I feel much more productive, energized, and truly able to make better decisions for myself--be it what I'm going to eat, whether I'll buy something I really like but don't need in a store or leave it on the shelf, whether I'm going to watch TV or sit on the front porch... lots of things. I feel much less nonchalant. Mind you, if I take the morning dose but not the afternoon dose, I'm probably going to tell myself I need a Little Debbie cake that afternoon. And if I skip both does, I'm probably going to have Hardee's for breakfast, Sonic for lunch, that Little Debbie in the afternoon, two helpings at supper, and ice cream for dessert.

It's a feeling I've never felt before to have hunger come from your stomach, rather than your head. That's something no one can understand until they've experienced both ways. Right now, I've just heard my stomach growl, but haven't thought about food since I drank the first shake this morning.

I haven't noticed the sweating or flush feelings. I really haven't noticed any negative side effects just yet... still counting on that drastic weight loss that the skinny folks complained about. If it happens, though, you can bet I won't be fussing to the doctor!
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