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Default Friday, December 6th

Good Morning,

We got TONS of snow......uhhh. Took me almost 3 hours to get home yesterday, nobody did over 15 mph. And still there were major accidents all over the place. The heavy wet snow and ice was horrible. But GOD IS GOOD !! I made it home okay and everyone is safe

I had an off day yesterday eating, I was so hungry and no matter what I ate I didn't feel full or satisified. Today will be better I hope.

Whats your plans for the weekend ? Nothing much here, just the usual.

Love, Leenie
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I was thinking of you, Leens, yesterday what with the snow. Oy vey! Am glad you got home all right. I would guess that some of those drivers aren't used to that much snow and didn't know how to handle it. I remember the morning we woke up to 18 inches of snow here and we were unable to do anything. Our neighbor came down the road with a giant snowblower attached to a big tractor and blew out us and anyone who needed it.
Don't you hate it when you have a "hungry day"! Right now, R is going through a spell of that. I tease him that he's going to go through a growth spurt like our DGS-5 does.
Well it's Friday and we're going to do a major shopping spree tomorrow. Sunday the grandchildren will come over and help us decorate the tree. Gotta tie it up well as we have a Brat the cat to deal with.
Am booby trapping the nightstands with duct tape again as Brat likes to get on them and knock everything off in the AM trying to make us get up and feed him. He is such a *ss! I just lay strips of duct tape sticky side up and if he gets it on his precious little paws, he gets very upset.
Have a good weekend everyrone!
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Talking TGIF and all that stuff

Good morning everybody!

Well today is the day I get my new kitchen table delivered...finally!

I am so excited...I just hope it works out as it is fairly big..though it has two leaves that can come out.

I am trying to get back on track with the eating and exercise sure isn't as fun getting ready to go out to all the Xmas gatherings when nothing fits! I got rid of so many of my larger sizes cause when I was losing I never thought I would gain some of it back

No one to blame but myself!

Otherwise just trying to get organized for dd 10's birthday weekend and Xmas prep. Have already received a number of cards and I have yet to write one...maybe tonight!

Glad you made it home in the snow Leens...hi to Tippy and all those to come.

Bye for now...I will check in later!

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Leen you can sedn some of that snow my way. Do you think it would make it in the mail?lol All we have right now is cold but I can't complain b/c it is December and I think it si supposed to be cold. We have had so many years were we could wear shorts. That is weird opening presents in your shorts and a tee.

Liz that is so exciting that you are getting new furniture. I love new stuff.

Tip are you sure my cat doesn't head to your house after he does the same thing at mine? My guy will sit on the night stand and chew on the plant. I am just starting to wake up so I can hear that chewing sound and it drives me crazy. Of course he sits just far enough awsy that I can't get to him with out getting out of bed. That little booger!

I hoep everyone is having a good day and staying warm!

Oh, by the way I am going shopping tonight and hubby's Christmas party is tomorrow night in Baton Rouge. The main bad thing is that it will be right next to the casino and hubby just can't help himself sometimes. Maybe I can kepp him out with some carefully picked words. huba-huba
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Good afternoon all,

I slept in until 9:30 this morning... I find it so hard to get out of bed in the morning....but I did. Still not feeling very good...sad & feeling down a lot. Monday was a good day & half of Tuesday was also. I am seeing the Dr. on Monday. Last year at this time...the Dr. thought I might have seasonal affective disorder...I wonder if that is what this is.

I mailed out a parcel today. Then I had an upper lip wax, eyebrow wax & waxing on the lower face wherever there was hair.

Next week there is a breakfast with friends at 7 A.M. This A.M. I was supposed to go to a breakfast at a restaurant with the same friends....but I didn't get up....just couldn't get out of bed. Plus I was feeling so down. Will have to make an extra effort on Thursday to get up & go to this breakfast.

Have a great weekend.

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