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Default Thursday, Nov. 14

Hi ladies,

It is officially Thursday here now. Am getting used to the time change since my trip. Fell asleep in the afternoon on the couch. Then this evening fell asleep watching TV. So I have come to the computer before I go to bed. I don't usually fall asleep on the couch...last year when I went took almost 2 weeks to finally get used to the time change.

I went to coffee with friends in the morning.....came home......didn't do too much....except have naps.

I did make dinner though.....didn't do very good being OP with WW. The previous 2 days I did okay with today will get back with it. I was feeling sort of down in the afternoon.

Have a great day everyone.

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I am having a good day so far. The boss is out today. YEAH! So I get to play on the site for awhile. I went to dinner with my hubby and some guys he works with last night in New Orleans. It was great. I had a 10oz filet with mushrooms in a nut sauce. Ok I have to admit I had dessert too. Cherry bread pudding.

Tonight it will be hard to be good too. We are going to a Ducks Unlimited Banquet. My hubby is goign to be the chairman fo rour area next year and they are going to announce it tonight. The meal is going to be Quail. They had it last year and it was do die for. I will try to concentrate on being good during the day though. Funny, when my life is slow I don't want to workout but right now I wish I could make the time to do it. Maybe this weekend we will slow down enough to get some exercise in. We both need to get out and do something. He has been sitting in meetings all week so I am sure he needs to do some kind of moving.
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What is Ducks Unlimited? My day is OK today. Tuesday was awful, yesterday I felt great, today is just ok. Sort of blah. I guess I am just tired. I didn't sleep real well. I need to start going to bed much ealrier than midnight. I have been late all week. Anywho, just thought I would check in and say hi!
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Hi !!

Sorry I'm late, been wearing many hats here and the boss just left. Finally I can play well just for a minute (but I'll take it).

Nothing much new here. SOSDD Bambino is still sick, which I think is harder on the parent. I just wish I could be home with her...but she's got the next best thing, My Mom !!

April I'm just like you. I can do good for 2 or 3 days then its back to the drawing board...

Kem I've never had quail or duck, I dunno there's just something about eating them... I know its all mental. After all I am a mental case (right LindaT) My boss has tried giraffe and all kinda of funky stuff.. what can I say some folks are just adventerous (sp?) me I'll just eat my plain old chicken and steak.

Amber you go to bed at midnight WOW, I can barely keep my eyes open past 9 pm.... Okay so I'm an old fart ~
I would say going to bed earlier would make things easier on you Hang in there !

Everybody who's here after me, have a blessed day.

Love, Leenie

Can't wait for thanksgiving....
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Hi everyone!~

I will check back later!

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Ducks Unlimited is a preservation group. They are all over the US. With the money that they get from sponsors and members also catalog sales and auctions goes to land preservation for birds. They have a web site you should check it out They have some pretty cool stuff.

Last year was the first time I had Quail. It taste pretty close to chicken. I don't like the taste of duck. It taste to gamey.
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