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Default Monday, June 10th

When it rains it pours ROFL !! we are so swampted here at work, HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Good Morning

Hope your all having a wonderful day. The weekend was really nice, did alot of cleaning and stuff

Whats up with you guys ?

Love, Leens
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Default Mornin'

Hi Leens and everyone,

Monday monday.. 4.5 days til the weekend!! groan There ought to be a law that if we need an extra day off, we can put everything on pause.

I had an okay weekend. Got my hair done on Saturday, did some shopping at Cost Plus.. they have good sauces there, a few chores, and attacked the mountain of laundry. I made some good dishes this weekend shrimp in a white wine line cilatron sauce over spinach fettucine and last night baked scallops and grilled squashes.. 3 diff kinds. I think I am makign chicken tonight. Either than or last of scallops, depending upon my energy level. Tom has arrived and made me tired. Exercise this morning was particularly wimpy, but I know Tom does this to me every month, so I will be fine tomorrow. I got some of the Barry's Bakery french twists at the store. For those that haven;t had them before, they are like sweet puff pastry, 40 calories a piece, low fat and most importantly, no saturated fat. I had some wild raspberry flavored ones.. and wow. they are even better than the chocolate ones, IMHO.

I will have to get in to see a doctor shortly about my meds. My prescription is running out at the end of the month, and my regular doctor has moved away. So I will be starting all over with a new one. Things happen, but it is still a pain in the butt.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
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Hi All!!!

Leens-Well, I'm as sane as it gets again!! Last time I checked in I was in pretty bad shape. Hope you are doing okay.

Linda-I LOVE Cost Plus!! I have to really watch it in there though. It is too easy to go crazy on the decorative stuf as well as the foods!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!
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Talking Bonjour!

Sorry Linda couldn't resist...

Well it is 1 pm and I have done lots today...laundry, dishes from dinner party last night, trip to surgeon for post op check up, trip to the park for kid play and mom's chat, and just finished lunch.

Had a good weekend..worked days but was managable and kids enjoyed two sleepovers....

Hope you are all having a Manic monday


P.S. Oh ya I complained to the surgeon about the anethetist and in case some of you are wondering my dinner party was a hit...we had chops, ribs,rice, veggies, salade and fresh strawberries and ice cream...I am not a total loser!
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Default Hey Lizzy

Who catered your dinner?
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Default HA-HA

Who is moderating this unsupportive place!?

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