Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Anxiety

Is anyone else on antidepressants for anxiety? I only recently found out that it can cause you to gain weight, and I'm starting to wonder if this is why I've had such a hard time. I've been on them, switching brands every few years for almost 6 years.

Right now I'm taking Lexapro but have also been on Paxil and a few others.
I can't NOT take them. I get some pretty bad panic attacks and I'll start to get paranoid when I don't take them.
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I take Zoloft for anxiety. I've been on it for 7 years and have never experienced weight gain or an urge to eat more. Everyone's body reacts differently to medication though. Did you ask your doctor if other people experience the same thing?
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I've come up with a theory...I'm not a doctor but I do suffer from anxiety. I think the state of anxiety causes a person to burn more calories. That buzzy, jittery, racing feeling causes me to lose weight if I:
a. Don't over eat and
b. Don't take meds and suffer through it.

IMO the meds don't cause you to gain weight, they cause the anxiety to stop and therefor you burn less calories. Just a wild guess based on experience.

I was a fat person with anxiety and no meds...but I self medicated with food and alcohol. When I stopped the food and alcohol I got WORSE instead of better.
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I'm also on Zoloft and expressed to my doc concerns about gaining weight and he said it shouldn't, but like Chris said everyone's body reacts differently.
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Antidepressants are major weight gainers, some more than others.I believe SSRIs are bad but dont quote me on that.I think its more of a chemical thing.I gained 20lbs on Wellbutrin, others lose weight on this drug.I would suggest as least seeing a psychiatrist once.They are much more educated on these medications.If you go in and tell them your concern about gaining weight im sure they will help you find one to try with least chance of this.
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Harrismm your the first person I've heard that has gained on Wellbutrin.... thats the one thats supposed to help with weight loss (and smoking). WOW that stinks !!!

The best anti I've been on is Prozac, that helped with WL and keeping me under control.

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I am Lexapro for anxiety. Since being on the medication, I have gained weight. I don't know if the medicine is responsible or not.
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I've been taking Fluoxetine for anxiety for 3 years now. Since I began taking it I have gained about 20 lbs. Of course, before I was on it I was so nervous and sick all the time that I lost weight from not being able to eat. So I'm not sure if it was the medication itself or just the fact that I was calmer and happier and able to eat.
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I'm also on an antidepressant for anxiety. I'm currently taking generic Celexa and have been on ZoLoft in the past. Since going on both of these I've noticed an upward crawl on my weight but haven't been able to link it to the drug. I think I just calm down about everything and thus relax eating habits and calorie counting. I wouldn't blame it on the drug exactly either. But what do I know? I'm not a doctor. Interesting thread.
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I'm on wellbutrin and celexa. I discovered that while I was on paxil I never felt full so I would keep eating. Once I stopped the paxil and went on the wellbutrin I got that gauge back and lost 15lbs.
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Jeez I know
Not only did I gain weight on Wellbutrin, I smoked as much or more than before starting it.Silly me.Anyway, my best friend is a psychiatrist.So he had me wean off and am currently trying to give it a go without meds.We will see!!!
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There's a vast selection of meds available now. Keep trying! It's so worth it to find the right one and to feel better.

Paxil was my 4th trial and it was my second try with it.
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My doctor gave me Lexapro for my focus issues (yeah... not sure why he did that) and when I started reading about it, I freaked out. A lot of people gain weight on it, and since most of my mental issues involve my body image and having an eating disorder for years, I am definitely not willing to gain MORE weight. Making me FATTER isn't going to make me less anxious about being FAT.

I was also on Prozac, because the FDA has suggested it may help curb bulimia. Honestly? I felt like a robot. I wasn't me, and my husband definitely noticed. It made me not care about anything, and that was no way to live.
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I'm on paxil right now for anxiety, and have been on it since last october- i have not gained any weight, but i think it is making it more difficult for me to lose weight (but that may just be an excuse to make myself feel better for not losing as fast as i hoped to) .
For me anxiety made me eat more- i was up late worrying, and snacking. Now i don't do that.
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i gained a bunch of weight on paxil and abilify but they both worked so well for me... what a trade off i get suicidal without meds so i really need them for my overall wellbeing.... and i'm super mean without them and a sweetheart on them.... my doc is switching me to mobar because of my weight gain, never heard of it but willing to try it... good luck to all
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