Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Tuesday May 7th

Hi all! Trying to keep my chin up but feeling overwhelmed by what I need to get done...I have let the house go to pot over the past several months...I am not very good at multi tasking....I know I am probably just over tired and blowing things out of proprotion but that is what I do....I have to ride out these kinds of days and moments and hope for a sunny day ahead.

DD4 has been unwell and I had her to the doctor yesterday...they want to follow up on some abnormal labwork...looking at diabeties. So I am off to do that today...

When I was on Prozac once it helped take the edge off and I had a ton of energy but it didn't take all the feelings away and it wasn't the answer for all my issues...that takes hard work just like getting the weight off...I wonder sometimes if it would be easier if I was on something though.

Have a good one everyone.

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Default Mornin'

Hi Lizzy and those to come,

Oh Its Tuesday!! hurray! That means only 3.5 days til the weekend ( my weekend starts at 4:31PM friday afternoons, when I walk out of the door here at work) Did those damn step aerobics again this morning.. boy did I want to stay in bed today!

Lizzy, sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. Take everything one step at a time.. one area to clean, one task to complete.. etc. Much like the ladies here advocate taking it one pound at a time. Break it into small managable pieces. I hope DD has good doctor visit today and that it is northing seriously wrong.

Lizzy, have you thought about checking in with a doctor about what is going on? I know you have been feeling very stressed and overwhelmed.. for months now. ( Yes, I do pay attention)
There are three basic types manifestations of clinical depression. 1) People have one depressive episode, it goes away and they never have a re-occurrance.. and may need meds and/or therapy this one time 2) You have more than one depressive episode, may be years in between each occurance and may need meds/therapy more than once. 3) You need meds and therapy pretty much all the time, as this is a lifelong condition. I know, after all this time, I am more than likely a type 3. You may be having a reoccurance of your depression, Lizzy, and you can get help. There are scads of new drugs out there these days. You are right when you said meds didn't take all the feelings away and they didn't solve all your issues. Drugs are not suppose to do that. That is why I am a big advocate of a dual treatment.. meds and cognitive therapy. If I had a perm job right now, I would still be seeing my therapist. Cognitive therapy I think is essential to show us ways to break some very destructive thought processes. Please check in with a doctor to get her/his opinion.

Everyone else, hope you are having a nice day... spring is here :::achoooooooooooooooooo:::::
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Hi Kids,

Sorry for the late post, boss lady kept me busy this am....the nerve !

Liz sweetie, take a deep breath, close your eyes and focus on ONE task, do it and then repeat these steps. When I clean I will start out in one room and wind up in another room and still haven't finished the first one ???? weird or what I guess I'm no good at multi tasking either. Sometimes I just stop and laugh at myself and say WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING <-- this really does look like me.

Linny girl, did good on the fast yesterday and made a great choice at Burger King for lunch today, I had a salad and diet coke.... The smell of the hamburgers was making me nuts cause I luv's beef Jim is thinking of getting an elipitical because we both have bad joints. I hope he does because my lower back is getting so bad, when I stand up I look like a 90 year old. Yup that bad. I know I need to strenghten it.

Okay kids I better run, gotta check out carbs and back to work.

Have a great day, Love Leens
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