Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Lexapro?

I have been on Lexapro for about a month to help with the depression / anxiety I began to experience after a hard breakup. Any experience with weight loss stopping while on this medication? I have done so well staying on plan and exercising, but but the same 2 pounds keeps coming on and off. Your thoughts would be SOOOO appreciated!
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Hi Shelley,

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but when I was on Lexapro, I gained 69 pounds. I don't think it was truly responsible for all of those pounds, but a lot. I got depressed as I started gaining and it just snowballed, unfortunately. I have talked to several other people who were taking Lexapro and had NO weight gain issues. So, everyone is different. If you are following a plan, faithfully, and not losing for weeks on end, I would start to wonder. It is hard to know. That is what scares me to death about taking any more meds for depression, the weight gain. I can't afford to gain another pound. I wish you luck, and hope you get past those two pounds.
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When i was on lexapro I gained 30 lbs in a few months mostly because it just made me feel like not doing anything I just wanted to lay around thats it...I am on lexapro and its great. I never ever gained much weight other than when I was prego. When I was prego is when I gained all my weight. So I knew all that weight gain something was wrong. Everyone is different just watch that you dont start laying around and not wanting to do anything...ok good luck!
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Here is another thread about Lexapro, with a lot of personal experiences
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I was on lexapro as well and it scared me. I mean , I know anxiety can be bad, but I think NOT CARING about things can be bad too. Thats what it did to me. Homework due, ehhh, no groceries in house, so what, another bowl of ice problem. It was creepy for me...i stopped taking it
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I have been losing weight. I don't know if it is the drug or the fact that since I am not depressed/anxious as I was, I don't binge eat like I was doing.
I was having a LOT of panic attacks and got so depressed I could barely function. I started losing weight because I feel like I am more active now. I feel like me again. I don't think the drug is a magic weight loss bullet, but it has helped me be in a better place.
best wishes,
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Lexapro made me too lethargic and gave me headaches. I quit taking it after eight weeks.
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