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Well I'm sick, well at least my throat is VERY VERY sore and DH said that is exactly how he started out!

So I plan on doing nothing today because its back to work tomorrow night and I cannot call off this week because my coworker is on vacation so its just me this week!! But if I get what DH has, then my boss will just have to deal with it!


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Burning it away
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I feel really heart broken. There is somebody who I've known since I was about 14 and I've always harbored feelings for him and they have only intensified over the years. I always knew it was stupid but I held on and found out tonight he feels exactly like I do about another woman. I know this feeling will pass.. I'm going to do what I feel is the most empowering thing I can do and cut him out my life.

Sassy I hope you feel better soon

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Starting Again
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Spoz, I'm so sorry. Does he just have feelings for this other person or are they in a relationship? If they are it may not last forever. It may be good to sleep on your decision so you don't regret it later.

Sassy, feel better soon.

Shop, how you feelin today?

Buddly, sounds like your girls made the most out of Halloween. Let me just say that leftover candy is evil!! Your job sounds dangerous. How are your burns doing?

Nothing interesting to report here so I'll just say goodnight...
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Lauren, I know that pretty much nothing right now will make you feel better, except maybe, go out w. the girls & have a couple glasses of wine - doesn't really solve anything, but wine will help you to relax & have a good nights sleep.

You'll know what to say/do once emotions cool down.
Personally, I've found openness and honesty approached in love (not hot+heavy, but compassion) works the best.

You've been doing so well, take care of yourself first,
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Burning it away
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He isn't in a relationship with her, I think probably just feeling exactly as I have about him. I do feel positive because I know if I leave him behind I can open the opportunity to attract somebody new into my life. But it's never easy saying goodbye to somebody. I have thought about this for a long time because he knew how I felt and I tortured myself so often over how I felt about him. I wont do anything hasty.

Thank you hope and cher I really just needed to get that out.

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Just keep moving ...
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Happy time-change everyone. I do so love it when I turn out to be one hour less lazy than I thought.

Had a bad week this week - knew that it would happen at some point, I'd just been too up for it not to come back down sometime. Anyway, picking myself up, dusting myself off, and trying to move on.

to everyone!
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lauren... what a miserable situation. have the two of you been good friends all the while? That would make things much harder...I have feelings like this for one of my best guy friends and one of my greatest fears is that something like this will happen. I wouldn't want to lose a great friendship, but can't imagine dealing with his love for someone else. best of luck, and as others have said - keep taking care of yourself first!
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