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Red face Hi All

Hi All.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful support.

Yes we will be fine. At first DH was worried, but I reassured him, (that is a first, its usually the other way around!!! lol!) that everything would be just fine.

So now he feels relieved that its over with now, as you all know it has not been easy working here. But I am truly thankful that I am still here. Cuz that is the only source of income right now.

Everybody at work was asking how he is doing. (I just got here) I told everyone "Just fine". They of course want to know more but all I tell them is "If you wanna know more, call DH, I need my job too much to even think about talking about it."

So DH took the "Weekend" off to relax and not think about it and then starting tomorrow he is going to start job searching again. He has put out many many calls and resumes and what not already, but he is gonna follow up on some and apply to more jobs.

In the AM when I get home from work, I have to call our corporate HR about switching our insurance over to me, so that we are insured. I tried doing it Friday morning, but they didn't have him as gone yet in their systems, so they said to try on Monday morning then they can switch everything over and said it will be like nothing ever happened, we won't lose any coverage, which is good. I told DH even if he gets a job with benefits, I'm keeping them here too, just so if something like this happens again, we are prepared. I learned my lesson on that one.

Also I think once he gets another job and we are "ok" and all, I want to start putting money in the savings, nice to have a little "nest egg" for emergencies. Man I am getting old. Talking about "nest eggs" lol.

Anywho, we shall be just fine and I have NOT turned towards food for comfort! We did go out for breakfast yesterday with my FIL, he really wanted too, (Raven -- BTW I am close to my in-laws, they have always been there for us and so now we will be there for them!!! My fil means a lot to me because not only is he my DH's father, but my step-dad died 5 yrs ago to cancer and he was my "Dad", my biological father and I never really were close, so now my FIL is kinda like my "Dad" too, since I really don't have any other "Father Figures" around.) So I did "splurge" then and we also ordered Pizza for lunch cuz it was DH & my day together, so we watched movies and ate pizza. Today so far I've had a chicken salad sandwich. We'll see about lunch (my lunch lol)......

I still haven't gave up my Mt. Dew yet. That is a toughie. Esp now. I know that is no excuse to continue drinking it, but wow it is tough!

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Starting Again
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Just wanted to say a quick hi and good night. My computer is connecting so slow I'm afraid this won't even post so I'm keeping it short.

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