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Unhappy Unsupportive partners, how to cope

my partner is very unsupportive calling me fat and saying nothing when the neighbours call me fat, also he goes out and buys things like dounuts and pies, i then find it hard to resist and after being called names i start to eat the "bad" food, only to make myself feel bad because i have strayed.

how do i an to block out my partner and neighbours when they say things like that, and how do i resist the temptation, please help. i feel like chucking it all in.
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OMG! I have to tell you that I think it is unacceptable that your partner or your neighbors are calling you names. Your patner should never be name calling, and whats the deal with your neighbors? Are you guys friends? It dosen't really matter, you never should be harrased about your weight. i also have an unsupportive parter. there is no name-calling though. He's not supportive in the food department. We have been living together for years and he knows that I fight a constant stuggle with weight. I wish he would help me more to diet. He does agree to eat healthy if I cook it. But, there is a constant strem of junk food in my house. He has never really had a problem with weight and cannot wrap his mind around why willpower is so hard for me. he thinks I am silly for wanting to lose weight and thinks I should accept the fact that this is the size I am supose to be. I have lost weight before and am getting it together now and my only advice is to do the best you can: keep fruit, healthy snacks, and meals around so it is easier to make good choices. the days when you fall off the wagon TRY not to let it make upset. Just get right back on track.
As for your "partner" and neighbors, if you can't walk away from the abusive situation, try to build some strength from from the negitive. Wouldn't you love to show everyone a new you! Nice to meet you!
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There is something that you need to say to yourself over and over again, everytime that they start to call you names, just keep saying to yourself


They have no rights to violate you like that.....
Be the VICTOR not THE VICTOM...another Mantra to say to yourself everyday......

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First off I'd like to give you a

ARRGH!!!!!!!!! That just makes me one in the right mind talks that way with anyone!! The nerve of some people!! Give them the middle finger...grr I'd personally kick them if I could!! You should tell these people they have some serious issues and no one whose truly happy with themselves say things like that in people's faces.Yeah, if these are people you can't get away from at the moment you kill them with success becuase that is the sweetest revenge. Like join agym and once you looking (you probably are) even more fabulous you'll floor them and they'll wish they never bothered you. You know Reese Witherspoon...after she broke up with Ryan she went on one of those revenge diet..dropped some lbs and is looking better than ever!

Exacly as the others said success is the sweetest revenge. You are way better than those people who are saying those awful things!!
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Maybe its time for a partner who loves you for you. You need people around you that will uplift you and not drag you down....YES you are worth it and you are NOT what they are calling you. It really upsets me when people have to belittle others to make themselves feel better...

Its time for some serious talking with your partner IMHO.

As far as you rising above them and their stupid have to realize you are beautiful, smart and sexy. You deserve to be happy. I think since your partner won't stick up for you.... YOU need to stick up for yourself and tell them they are wrong when they make those uncalled for comments.... Remember MEEKNESS IS NOT WEAKNESS !!!!! you are strong.

.....sorry I just HATE when people put others down...especially loved ones.

Good luck sweetie

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TO YOU SWEETIE ~ the last thing you should do is eat those junkies when others are rude to you; I used to do the same, but now I don't. I determined not to do that anymore; it took some practice, but now it is easier. I agree that you should sit down with your partner and have a quiet discussion about how this hurts your feelings and how he can be more supportive of you.

Sometimes that's all it takes to see some change; then come back here to make some good friends that will encourage and support you in your journey towards a more healthier lifestyle. Giving up is not the answer; getting started is ...

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thats not good ..... we will give you good support
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My husband is not supportive, but he does not call me names. I would probably leave if he did. But that is my choice and I am not telling you to do that. I eat whenever we argue. Self destructive behavior I know!!! I have no answers in the non supportive partner department, but I can relate and am willing to listen!!
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