Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default I've been forced to stop taking my meds, and I gained A LOT

About a year ago from mid-February, my mom lost her job, thus losing our health insurance. I was on Trileptal (bipolar) 300mg, and both me and my mom were on Lexapro (depression/anxiety) 10mg.
Well, she hasn't gotten a job or any kind of health insurance in almost a year, and has been mooching off her hardworking boyfriend, and family members... .
But, anyway. I was 140 when I started my meds, and was pretty healthy. After only two months of being off them, I was at 160, eventually turning into 180's.
I don't know if it's the medication for sure, though.
After my mom lost her health insurance for us, I immediately stopped self-injuring since I knew that she'd send me back to the mental hospital I was in two years ago, and there was no way we would be able to afford me to stay there long enough to get better.
Quitting that was really hard since it is an actual addiction, and food helped a little, but I didn't eat that much of a difference. And I was exercising a lot more afterwards.
It's gotten a bit easier to lose weight after my body got used to not taking the medication after all this time, but I wonder if it'll be easier if I started taking them again.
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it could be stress. i too am on meds for bi polar along with other meds and i'm gaining weight like crazy and i think that its stress.
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All of us are different and your brain chemisty's are also. Some meds make some gain and other lose. Maybe you were happier on meds and didn't look for food to make you feel better?
Go to a clinic and state you can't afford your meds. You can recieve help or a sliding scale fee.
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I agree, you should be able to get on some sort of state subsidized health care.
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I agree to check around for clinics that offer a sliding scale based on income (also check your local health department). As far as meds, you can always google Wal-mart's website. They have the new $4 generic program no insurance required ($4 for any generic on their list, 30 day supply). They have a list of anti-depressants. You could print out the list and take it with you. Talk to the docs to see if any on there are a possibility for you. They aren't listed by their common names, just their generic names so you might not recognize some. Also you could try emailing some pharmaceuticals. Some out there have programs to help people get the meds they need. I know Montel Williams is now doing a thing to help get meds to people in need without insurance. Hit google and see what you can find.
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