Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Question for anyone taking Ativan?

Hey everyone! Yesterday something happened to me that scared the
"you know what" out of me. I was in a store and then all the sudden
I started shaking from head to toe, started breathing heavy and felt
as though I was going to pass out at any second- this has never happened
to me. I was taken to the hospial and they gave me ativan and it all
went away. Saw my regular doc to day and she gave me a script for
it to take only when needed.

My question is can anyone tell me their experience with it. I know
everyone is different I am just wondering about weight gain and just
anything you can share.

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Sounds like a panic attack. I've never had them but have heard about them. The Ativan is a tranquilizer that would relieve the symptoms.
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Default Ativan

Ativan is a mild tranquilizer. I have used them off and on for a few years now.
I usually take 1/2 of one to help me sleep when I think I will need it.
It hasn't afftected my weight loss at all. On a very stressful day I will take one because it "takes the edge off". I personally don't find them addictive.
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I've never taken Ativan but I have had many panic attacks and your discription fits them well.
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It def sounds like a panic attack--because you were describing me!!!!

I can have them hit me anytime--anywhere---for no reason at all. I had one hit last week at home---there is no rhyme or reason.

I take xanax for the super attacks and paxil cr 25 every single day.

I took ativan years ago for something......and the doctor prescribed it 3x a day. I was zonked out for 2 days & couldn't go to work!!!! So be careful!!!!!
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I have been on Ativan for several years for BiPolar II with anxiety and panic. It does work VERY well but is extremely habit forming. I take .5 mg just to take the edge off if I'm having bad panic during the day - but 1mg at night if it's keeping me awake. I found they were becoming less effective over time and my psychiatrist has been working with me on adjusting meds. I am currently on Buspar for anxiety and just use the Ativan for emergencies. I just went about six weeks and didn't need any but the last two days I have taken about .5 mg each day. For me - the Buspar works VERY well to control the physical symptoms of anxiety and panic. You really need to use any of these in conjunction with a qualified therapist to also work on the underlying issues. Good luck and be patient - it can take numerous tries to get meds right.
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Default ativan

I have a friendthat takes ativan and had a slight weight problem..I have an appointment today don;t know what will be prescribed..I have been having quite a bit of depression..See thread..."affairs" Is anybody experiencing anything similar to this?
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Hi. What you have explained does seem to be symptoms of a panic attack. I was diagnosed with panic disorder, depression, generalized anxiety & OCD nearly 11 years ago. I have tried many med.s and none seemed to help excpet for Paxil 20 mg. and tranqulizers. My doctor first put me on Xanax 1 MG 4 times a day and 1 at bed time! I found myself needing more and more of them. I told the doctor I was afraid to stay on the xanax because I kept needing more of them to work. I was weaned off of teh xanax (thank God) and he started me on ativan 1 MG 2 times a day. They helped me very, very well. They didn't make me gain any weight (I was already over-weight) all they did was make me calm and not panic as bad or not as bad panic attacks. After 3 years of taking them they stopped working so I was put on Klonipin 1 MG two times a day. These work pretty much the same as Ativan. The only thing I can tell is that I have grown s-l-o-w since I have been on these types of medications. (Been on tranqulizers for 9 years) I would *love* to get off of them but my panic disorder is severe (5 panic attacks daily ~ some days I would rush to the ER 3 times in one day with panic)

I don't think Ativan is a bad medication. It is very safe. But it might make you feel a little slow after taking them for yaers and years like me.

Hope any of this has helped.
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I take ativan for my panic and anxiety. I have also tried Xanax but it made me feel too out of it. It is a medication to take AS NEEDED. If you find you need more and more of it, I would discuss some anti-depressants (they are used to treat anxiety) for long term help and also something else possibly xanax or Klonopin. Klonopin has a longer life in your system than Ativan or Xanax. Ativan and Xanax only usually work for 4 hours while the Klonopin stays in your system for 8. There also is extended release xanax which works similar to the Klonopin.

I haven't had any bad effects from the ativan but I try not to take it too often.
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The Ativan is a class D med, is the only thing I would add to it. It caused my first miscarriage. So when you're on it, please be a safety girl The ativan worked great for me though, but like the others said, just take it when you need it - it kicks in fast, so try not to fear another attack, and relax when you feel one coming on. I've progressed to where I don't need the Ativan anymore, so maybe one day you won't either. But for the time being, it takes about 15 minutes to kick in, at least mine did, so only as needed.
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I suffer from severe insomia and it to helps me relax and night before I go to bed. It did not cause my weight gain. My Lyrica helped out in that area! =0)
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I suffer from similar panic/anxiety attacks myself. They're no fun and can be very embarassing.

There are times when I'm shopping with DH and have to literally run from the store thinking that I'm suffocating. I'll usually try to hide in the bathroom until it passes.

I keep ativan on me in the case this feeling comes over me. This hits me more often at night time though then when I'm out. Usually at around 11:30pm... which was when my step father used to sneak into my room when I was a child.

Usually if Todd notices me gasping, he'll rub my back for me until my medicine kicks in.
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