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Aida ~ Slow but steady ~
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S/C/G: 229/229/159


I beat my August goal of 1.7# by losing 1.9#, so for September I am going to try to surpass that and lose 2#. SW 8/31 = 207.8, TW 9/30 = 205.8

8/31 = 207.8
September 6 = 207.5
Sep 12 = 207.1
9/18 = 206.7 Halfway there!
9/22 = 206.4
9/29 = 206 This is gonna be a close one!
9/30 = 206


I am happy with this though.
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S/C/G: 292/250.4/175

Height: 5'6


Sw: 268.2
*New Goal*: 256.2 (-12)......After the Up and Downs this month I doubt I get to the new weight!


9/30 ~ 256.0!!!!!!!!!!
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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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S/C/G: 206/145.3/145

Height: 5'3 1/2"


Congrats JB!

9/30-162.3 didn't make my goal, but lost 3 for the month, calling it a win

Sallypineapple on the 100!! Awesome

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Senior Member
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S/C/G: 165/132/125 or 115? not sure

Height: 5'4" (on a good-hair day!)


I only post my weight 1x wk so I don't come that often but wow, everyone is doing so well!!!

8/31 135
9/9 135
9/11 137
9/17 135.5
9/20 134.5 (Dare I hope this means something? My scale like to mess with my mind!)
9/24 134
9/30 132

Goal was to maintain while improving my diet, but I (FINALLY) lost three lbs.
My reward will be to upgrade my ticker. It's been changed up and down so much I determined
not to change it until I've stayed the same for a few weeks.
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~Learning Everyday~
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Location: Katy, Texas
Posts: 236

S/C/G: 310.8/ ticker /175

Height: 5'7''


Starting weight 245
Ending Weight 226

Total weightloss: 19lbs
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Green Tomatoes
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Height: 5'9"


Congrats Sally_Pineapple on reaching the 100 pounds down mark in September! And, to Jb1975 for meeting her second goal of September!

Way to go, Mountain_Mamma, sweetenuf, and me!

wantochange: start 155 lbs
muguet: out of 160s, no snacks, no seconds, more water, eat out once per week or less, reduce coffee
nonameslob: stay in 180s
unwanted37lbs: 5 lbs
Jb1975: 8.3 lbs + new goal
Marina_Brasil: reach 7something kgs
Big_Fat_Rooster: 6 lbs
curvynotlumpy: 5 lbs
Start203: 6 lbs
alsten02: 9 lbs
sabri: 5 lbs
underanalysis: 2.5 lbs
twish: 20 lbs
Mountain_Mamma: maintenance at 135; more calcium, veggies, & green tea
dalton165: 7 lbs
sassyangies: 13 lbs
Rashomon: 10 lbs
kelijpa: reach 15x.x
boatingmommy: 6 lbs
gardenerjoy: enter calories in MFP every day
Muffentop: 10.4 lbs
Sally_Pineapple: 10 lbs + reached 100 pounds down
ichoose2believe: 5 lbs, weigh only on F/Sa, bring lunch every day
sweetenuf: 15 lbs
thechemistmommy: 8.6 lbs
AAD: 2 lbs
tinneranne2: 2 kgs
bugsiee: under 220's
workinglikeadog: Journal foods, Lose a pound a week.
tefrey: below 192
amyglistens: lose a stone
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