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Default Ten Week Points Challenge (Starting end of Sept)

Hello everyone

So over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been looking to do my own challenge here on 3FC. There have been some awesome challenges so far that I’ve been involved in myself and enjoyed being part of them. While sometimes it can be tough enough to keep on going, the challenges have helped me along the way. So, now it is my time to give back and come up with a new challenge organised by myself. (If this is successful, I may do the same challenge starting again in January or February next year.)

You are all probably wondering what this challenge involves?
Well, it’s very simple. It’s an overall challenge involving weight loss, foods, drinks and exercise. Each week there will be a update of goals you will have set for yourself. This day is going to be on a Sunday. The challenge will start on Sunday the 30th of September 2012 until Sunday the 9th of December 2012. The first update will not be until Sunday the 7th of October 2012.

Now you are thinking what you have to do?
Each week you will set goals for yourself with regards to weight loss, food/drinks and exercise. For example:
On or before Sunday the 30th of September you will post something similar to this stating your goals for the week starting Monday the 1st of October until Sunday the 7th of October.
Weight: Lose half a pound.
Food/Drink: Stay on plan Monday to Friday. Cheat day on Saturday and Sunday. Drink 3litres of water a day.
Exercise: Get in 30 minutes of exercise each day.

The following Sunday (in this case on the 7th of October) you will come back and edit your post about how well you achieved your goals. If you were successful you will earn points. The points are allocated as follows:
  • 4 points if you reach your goal weight.
  • 4 points for your food and water if achieved.
  • 2 points if you reach your exercise goal.
There are notes on each of these challenges explained below. Please make sure you read them. You have a total of 10 points each week to achieve. In the challenge time, you have a total of 100 points available to achieve. So when you come back the following week you might edit your post like this:
Weight: Lose half a pound. Lost a pound!
Food/Drink: Stay on plan Monday to Friday. Cheat day on Saturday and Sunday. Drink 3litres of water a day. Stayed on plan Monday to Saturday, had one cheat day today, Sunday. Drank my 3 litres each day.
Exercise: Get in 30 minutes of exercise each day. Missed Thursday and Friday of exercise.
This person would receive 8 points as they achieved and went beyond their goals with weight loss and their food and drinks. They didn’t achieve their exercise goal so they don't receive their points.

  • If you do not reach your goal weight you will simply not get any points. However, if you would like to maintain your weight for a week, you must mention it in your challenges for that week. For example:
    Weight: Still be 150lbs. You will receive your points if this is mentioned in your challenges for the week. Personally I feel that this is fair to give the points because I’m sure there could be people out there who would like to maintain their weight at certain points along their journey.
  • I understand that some people will have their own weigh in days. Maybe it is a Wednesday or a Tuesday or a Saturday. If you would prefer to stick to that day, please do what is best for you. What I would recommend would be to set your weight goal from week to week on that day you weigh in and record the weight closest to the Sunday of the following week. Then stick to your foods, water and exercise from Sunday to Sunday. For example: You might weigh in on Friday. So for the first week of the 7th of October your weight will have been taken from the Friday before hand and you have simply just enter Friday’s weight for the week. Alternatively, you may like to have your official weigh in and also the Sunday weigh in. Whichever suits you is fine for me. (This has been confusing to word; I hope I have made sense.)
  • If you only achieve your food goal but not water goal, you will receive 2 points or vice versa if the other way around.
  • Some people like me might take a day off of exercise. If you take a day off of exercise, you WILL receive your full points but ONLY if this is stated in your challenges for the week. It must be mentioned. For example: Exercise: Get in 30 minutes of exercise each day apart from a planned rest day on Friday.
  • Updated posts are on SUNDAYS. However, due to time zones and time differences, I will understand if people are posting during Sunday night/Monday morning my time zone. Because of this, I will post charts of weekly points on Tuesday evening so it is important to get your updates in. There are examples of what the charts will look like below.
  • If you miss two updates in a row you will be taken off the challenge. If you are going away or will not be able to update your post, please post in that particular week so I know. Then you will be left in the challenge but you cannot earn points due to not being able to update your post.
  • It will be easier for me to track your progress if you have ONE post with just your progress in it. You can come back and edit it each week. If it is not in one post, it will mean I could possibly miss out on it. So it would be a lot easier for me if it is all in one. The layout of your progress post can be however you like but I will post an example of how I will post my progress below which you may or may not want to follow. Some people might like to do a day to day progress update in this ONE post that they will edit each day which is fine. Personally, I will track my day to day progress in a word document and just post my weekly progress in my ONE post.
  • The post will be bumped up each Sunday so people can remember to update their post.
  • Anyone can join at any point! It is totally fine with myself. I will be keep track on posts. But please note you will be at a disadvantage if you miss the first couple of week’s worth of points.
  • TO BE CLEAR ON HOW THIS WORKS: The challenge will start Sunday the 30th of September but the first weigh in/update will not be until the Sunday 7th of October. On or before the Sunday the 30th of September you will set your goals you would like to achieve from Monday the 1st of October until the following Sunday the 7th. Come the 7th you will set new challenges for Monday the 8th until Sunday the 14th and so on. So, it’s Monday to Sunday challenge. I know with all the rules, it sounds difficult but it really isn't! Set goals on a Sunday for the Monday to Sunday. Come back and edit the following Sunday. Get your points! You're good to go.

This is an example of how the weekly charts will look for the first update on the 7th of October:

This is an example of how the weekly charts will look for the second update on the 14th of October:

As you can see, an extra two columns have been included with your pervious points on one and the other column with your total points to date. Each week the "out of" increases to make sense. The following week will say "out of 30" then "out of 40" and so on.

The point of this challenge is to keep everyone motivated and help others on their journey! The points for each of the challenges is just add a bit of fun to it. So, please post and update about your progress as often as you like and we can all be here to support and encourage each other to keep on going. Also, I can’t stress this enough – don’t cheat! You will only be fooling yourself if you do. If you haven’t achieved one of your goals, don’t worry about it that much. The following week is a whole new week where you can put that little bit more effort in.

I am posting this now to see if there is an interest or not and also because I’m going to be less active for the reminder on September from the 7th. That way I will be able to answer any questions if people have them before then. If there is an interest, I will go ahead with the challenge starting the 30th of September when people can come back and post their weekly goals for the 7th of October. If you have any questions or are confused by any part of the rules, please post below and I will try to explain a little bit better. I do think I mentioned everything I could think of and expanded on at rules that needed to be expanded on. Anything else, feel free to ask.

~~~SIGN UP NOW!!!~~~

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