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Ok, this is it . . . two days til weigh in . . . are




. . . fight for EVERY OUNCE that DA*N scale will give you . . .

OK, I'm off to work, doubled back from last night . . . ROUNDS 1 & 2 as soon as work is over (4PM) plenty of time for 30 DS & a long bike ride, crunches and ???? maybe some YOGA


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I think I will join you guys. You seem like a good group and you sure do post a lot of encouragement. I signed up with the Fitcracy website today for the exercise because someone said it gives you quests but I can't find the quests. I will be working on Sunday so can I pledge 1 pound now for next week?
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Gooey--Yup...gotta start a new thread before I leave the house this morning. That's for sure. BTW, who are you doing Warrior Dash with? Are you weating costumes?

Pokey girl---Where'd you go? All those crabs you ate over the weekend holding you hostage?

Courtney -- Way to get back on track! One step at a time, one day at a time toward that 100 lb. goal of yours!

K3--I BET YOUR SORE! It fitocracy doesn't kill all of us this week, it's certainly going to leave us sore!

Munchey -- grunting & walking =Nice! Stress eating = BAD!

Me1st -- LOVE Sarge jelly donut poster and loved your master the bunny diatribe. "{Your}... bunny is your defender" made me want to launch into Monty Python quotes ... "... it IS the rabbitt!" Something tells me you'll recognize the reference immediately.

Celrae -- You're up against a minor hurdle. Your body has probably just accepted the fact that you're going to stick to this "dieting" thing and is trying to hold on to whatever it can. It happens a lot. Two to three weeks into the weight loss journey, after all the initial excitement about rapid loss at the beginning, the hard part of the journey begins. Tracking food really helped me about a month into the process and it doesn't have to be stressful.

Anon -- I think you brought out the "inner gamer" in many of the platoon. At least it's healthy gaming!

Decap & Dreamer ... way to check in. Keep going!

Reso -- Have a bright, cheery day! And just to be super creepy, imagine MadamB and Sarge showing up on your doorstep... we could have our own episodes of Punk'd!

Chesh -- More motivational posters please ... you find THE BEST ones.

Later troops, lots to do, not the least of which is to climb the fitocracy leader board...

EDIT: WELCOME IRISH!!! Yes, I'll put your pledge in for next week.

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At it again
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Morning troops! I'm still here, just lurking due to a spotty internet connection. Everything should be back to normal by this afternoon, so I'll catch up then. Having a great week - eating well and working out like a fiend. Have a great day everyone!
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Another new day, another shot at putting my best foot forward, another chance to make myself better.

It's how i look at things now, no matter how the previous day went ( good or bad ) it is now gone forever, all we can do is work on the present.

Hope everyone is doing well, don't ever give up, it's not worth it. Off to make the new day. Seeya.
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Happy Friday ladies -

I went to Ball Zumba last was fun and a great workout. I also did 20 minutes on the recumbent stepper, some weight lifting and a few planks before class. Today is jam packed, but in the spirit of no excuses...I will work in at least a brisk walk.

AwaitingChange - 85-90 is hot for WI too. Have fun in the UP, my DH and I went there over Memorial Day! So pretty up there.

JoyfulVegGirl - Good for you for staying OP despite being busy and for volunteering to be designated driver. Saves a lot of calories that way! Glad you found your way after being lost on your hike.

IrishKat - Welcome to the Platoon. I'm pretty new here too. Sarge is great for keeping us in line and on track.

Courtney - I'm in the MyFitnessPals group on Fitocracy too. Good for you for doing all that exercise! 50 laps is fantastic! I love your plans for melting all that butt-er this weekend!

Celrae - 565 min. of exercise?! You rock! As for the weight loss...stress causes your body to release cortisol (a hormone which can cause your body to hold onto extra weight). It goes back to the fight or flight response. Our body recognizes our high stress levels and tries to store extra calories in case we need them to either fight or run away from our stressor. Is there anything you can do to lower your stress or deal with it more productively? Those would be the types of adjustments I'd make if I were in your shoes. Exercise is always great stress relief for me, and you're doing so much exercise it's hard to believe you ever come down from your endorphin high.

Reso - I hear ya' that it's hard to take pride in what should never have needed doing. But I look at it this way. The past is the past. I can't go back and change it. I can't reverse all those times when I chose to stuff my feelings with "comfort" food. All I can do is try to get my life that I can do all the things I enjoy doing, do them without pain and look forward to a healthy active future. I'm nearly 49 and my obesity has robbed me of a fun active life for the past 10 years or so. And as remorseful as I am about the years lost...I'm proud of myself that I'm working hard at reclaiming the days, weeks, months and years yet to come. And you inspire me to continue to work to reclaim my life because you and others have shown me it CAN be done. That's what I encourage you to take pride in...not only the changes in your life that have given you your life back, but the ways you inspire and encourage others to do the same.

Me1st - Great job on the weight lifting and walking! Love your comment about your bunny!

Sarge - I may be new here, but I'd love to do a meet up. I vote for Chicago.

Kelley - I can imagine how sore you must be with all the Fitocracy quests you conquered! I don't know how I'll ever keep up!
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Irish - Welcome!

I just conquered the hardest 2 miles in town! It was on my goal list and I figured today was as good as any. :0)

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Envelope-- You go girl!!!!! TODAY is as good as any to knock off a goal!

Perhaps that shall be the platoon's mission next week...for each member to knock off one goal on your bucket list of goals. Let's hear some of those goals!
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Morning Platoon!

I woke up this morning and weighed myself (again) and I am down a pound from Sunday, and I am feeling better. I think all of you were COMPLETELY right about my calorie intake. BEST PLATOON EVER!

K3 -- You are destroying me on Fitocracy! WTG! I am gunnin' for ya next week, though! I have already planned out my weight-lifting routine!

Me1st -- You and your bunny just woke my BF up because I laughed out loud so hard! (He said "What in the world is so funny?" I said "Diet Forum" and he groaned and rolled over. LOL) Have a good day, girl!

Celrae -- I find tracking my food helps me feel more in control. Lists in general do this for me, though. Whatever, works, though, just keep that scale going the right way!

Irish -- I added you to the spreadsheet. You won't need to start editing it until after this Sunday, though, so I'll explain more then. Glad you decided to join us! (I'm new here, too!)

Sarge -- Yesterday during my run, I got a little bit of the giggles because my music quit playing and I actually thought "SARGE DANGIT!" and then thought about you listening in...

Diyana -- I love that you are fitting in a brisk walk even on a busy, busy Friday! No excuses! Heck yeah!

Envelope -- Holy cow, you go, girl! Seeing that, I am pretty glad that GA is so FLAT! Haha That is seriously impressive!

Reso -- You may not find yourself inspiring, but the last few days when I wake up and think "70 lbs left to lose...this is going to take forever...I'm never going to be able to do this" I remember that you, Reso, YOU (yes I think of you when lying in bed in the morning...hehe) have lost pretty much my entire body weight. I think about how hard THAT would be, how much effort THAT would take, to lose my entire self, and I tell myself to quit my b*tching and get my butt in gear. So like I said before, you ARE inspiring.

Josey -- Good luck with Week 7 day 3 today! I'll be completing it in the morning!

Have a great Friday, everyone!!
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There has been some recent discussion about diet plans, so thought I'd share some electronic food for thought:
Remember: If you want to keep your weight off after you reach goal, the
changes that you're making now have to be sustainable for life!

If there's a food you're forcing yourself to eat or a lifestyle change that you can't wait to end, get rid of it!

Find the foods you like eating and exercise you like doing and your weight will change for life!

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Good Morning Platoon!!

11 mile bike ride done for me! Eating a banana right now.

Envelope: Great job! You love the hills. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

IrishCat: Welcome! Now get out there and get sweaty!

Anon: Awesome!! Glad you are feeling good about your progress now.

Sarge: You ask and I giveth.

Now go out there!!
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Absolutely agree Munchey! You've got to love the lifestyle changes or you don't stand a chance of maintaining what you worked so hard to achieve. I used to hate taking the time to prepare dinner, I mean seriously, who wants to spend 20 minutes putting a salad together?!?! I DO NOW!!! One huge salad to go with whatever I've made for the DH. And exercise?!?!? If I don't get my hour in these days Sarge become seriously MORE CRANKY than normal!
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Originally Posted by JayTee View Post
Pokey girl---Where'd you go? All those crabs you ate over the weekend holding you hostage?
YES!!! I of course gained from the vacation, even with working out like a crazy girl. Yesterday I worked out two and a half hours and was buried by work to catch up, so that's why so quiet. We don't have any more trips planned now for two months, so it's time to get movin' on this weight loss!!!!

I have so much to do today, so I'm just doing a quickie

Hardcore girls: I'm at 650 minutes so far this week.
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Pokey - I've got a lot of exercise to do if I want to catch you! I'll be working on that with my yard tonight!

diyana - Thanks! I want to hit the pool again on Saturday morning!

I'm off to the office treadmill right now!
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GO to the new link:
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