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S/C/G: 306/SEE TICKER/140

Height: 5'3''

Default 5 pound challenge #80

OK, let's do it again!! Who ever reaches 5 pounds first starts the next thread. Good luck and have fun!!!

SW 295.6
CW 295.6
GW 290.6
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I luv my curves
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S/C/G: 255/ticker/180

Height: 5'1 3/4


once I weigh in tomorrow morning count me in..........oh and congrats!
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S/C/G: 181.4/134.8/115

Height: 5'2 1/2"


Sylv - Nice job on winning the challenge and hitting a huge milestone. Congrats!

BigSexy, Jellofer - Thanks for the words of encouragement. They came at just the right time.

SW: 134.4
CW: 134.4
GW: 129.4
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S/C/G: 205/162/130

Height: 5'4"


Congradulations SVLV! You go girl

I am at a stall....
cw 154.4
gw 149.2

My 9yr old ds took me to the movies last nite (translation-he wanted to see cloudy with a chance of meatballs SOOO bad he was willing to spend his money for the tickets. hehe). I bought his popcon. Actually it was a kids pack with just the little space for popcorn. I got NONE! I was doing just great without it. I was feeling so good. And then I caved. Didn't even finish one "bowl" 'cause it was so darn saltly, but I am feeling the sodium in my fingers and toes.. I'm gonna have to hit the H2O hard today...I want a drop!!!

Lori (i forget the numbers hehe sorry!) Love the hat! I hear ya on the daughters close thing...a few years ago I would have never thought that we could where anything the same..she now raids MY clothest..huh?! lol Not my pants-i am only 5'4" and she is 5'7"...but my shirts and some of my fav comfy sweat pants she had completely taken over...oh could be worse-rite?
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Location: Pennsylvania
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S/C/G: 335.8/335.8/160

Height: 5'6''


Congrats on the win!!!!!!!

SW: 232.4
CW: 232.4
GW: 227.4
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Location: Waynesville, NC
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S/C/G: 268.0/tracker/170.0

Height: 5'5


WOW sylv you did AMAZING. Congrats!
I went up quite a bit this morning, but it's still lower than my start weight last time so that's good right?

SW: 228.0
CW: 228.0
GW: 223.0
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Back at it...again!
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Location: Wisconsin
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S/C/G: 199/ticker/139

Height: 5'3"


I hit a new low today, so naturally someone won..heeehee. Seriously, Congrats, Sylv! Must feel amazing to hit a new "century" mark!!

SW: 146.6
CW: 141.6 (SOOO close to a "healthy" BMI!!)
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Changing behaviours
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Height: 5'7"


Congrats, Slyv!

I went to post in the other thread this morning, grumbling under my breath about how I wished someone would win this dang challenge already and #79 would be over since it's kicking my butt... and hey presto! Someone HAD won! Prayers answered! Onward and upward, right?!

SW: 168.2
CW: 168.2
GW: 163.2
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S/C/G: 278/ticker/175

Height: 5'11"


Great job. I just had a feeling we would be starting a new thread this am. And that is ok.

SW 253.4
CW 253.4
GW 248.4

The good news is, with each of these challenges my goal weight number keeps getting smaller!! So whether I win or not, I keep succeeding!!!

Best wishes to you all today. Have a great one!!!
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Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 98

S/C/G: 306/SEE TICKER/140

Height: 5'3''


Thanx so much ladies...I'm tickled pink!!

Plainsgirl - on not finishing the whole bowl and for not buying more popcorn because those were too salty! Small victories count, right!

Big Sexy - That is good! I think any negative # is terrific.

Ms Perception - I am over the moon! I had my head and heart set at getting to 299 at my WI, so to reach 295 floored me!

Fressca - You're so funny!

Jellofer2 - I agree with's not the winning, it's the succeeding and hitting you own personal goals.
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Posts: 444

S/C/G: 153/148/140

Height: 5'7


Here to another chance of this,,
SW 147.3
GW 142.3
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I luv my curves
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Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: NJ
Posts: 3,503

S/C/G: 255/ticker/180

Height: 5'1 3/4


SW 240
CW 240
GW 235

good luck all
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Go Blue Team!
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Posts: 540

S/C/G: 197.6/195.8/140

Height: 5'2"


Congrats on the win!!

SW: 179.8
CW: 179.8
GW: 174.8
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Location: OHIO
Posts: 3,450

S/C/G: 259.9/181.0/145.0

Height: 5'6"



Sw 178.8 (When I got on the scale today I could hardly believe I am sticking in the 170's!!! The 180's was heck to get out of!)
Gw 173.8


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S/C/G: 177/157/138

Height: 5'6"


SW: 172.5
CW: 172.5
GW: 167.5

I'm in. It has been awhile since I have tried one of these. I have been doing nothing but gain weight the last month. Yikes. Time to focus on what I am eating!
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