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Jessicado, thank you for sharing in your post. I thought I was weird, I have like hang overs if I binge the next day, like an alcoholic does. So the fact that I do, helps me from binging or eating the wrong foods because I know the next day I will pay for it.

I had cramps in my legs all last night up and down constantly I asked the exercise group now I am asking y'all too. Do you know anything that helps prevent them or when you get them to would help to get them out besides standing there waiting for some relief and could not of done that if it had not been for a wall next to my bed.
Followed my menu yesterday but still have to write my menu out for today.
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Back at it...again!
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Good mornin' girls! It's been another good start today. I took my vitamin, ate a good breakfast, and I'm down some (1-2 pounds) from the weekend according to my mil's scale. I won't post weight or change my ticker 'til I see eveidence on MY scale, but it's encouraging anyway. I was holding there for a week or so with little to no movement. As we all know by now, you just keep plugging away and it'll show eventually. I forgot to mention, I also lost 5.25 inches last month! I did my measurements and looked back to compare. It's the most inches I've lost in a month since March! I guess the ST'ing must be helping, huh? just the consistancy and increased intensity of my exercise.

Delphi~Thanks, hon. My mom is a tough old bird and she'll be fine, I'm sure. I just want to help as much as I can since she's ALWAYS there for me. The calorie burn is great these days...even when it's not formal exercise. I don't have the arm band monitor (though it's on my wish list)...but I KNOW I've been scorching those cals!

Butterfly~Those foods sound good! It sounds like a lot of the same stuff I like to eat. Great job on no junk food!

Welcome all the newbies! This is an addictive thread! Such a bunch of supportive, wonderful people on here!
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Just joined this morning and I'm already in a 'challenge' ..just too cute!

Not sure where the thread you are all hiding out in is but perhaps one of you can lead me to it..

Goal: Reach 150lbs
Walk or bike the new trail just opened down the street at least every
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Goooooooooooood Morning Girlies!!!!!
I hope everyone's First Day was fantabulous!!! Are you ready for another great day?

FSA~ Thanks again for starting up the thread this month and for keeping track of everyone's info!!! You're the BEST!!!

NSM~ WB hun!!! Glad you're going to be with us again this month! Journaling can be tough at first, but once you start it up and keep it up for a bit, it just becomes second nature--well, that's how it's been for me. I keep a spiral notebook in the kitchen at all times so whenever I eat something it's right there staring me in face. I even have a special pen I write with! Goofy, I know, but it works!

Tummy~ Bottle it, box it up, smack a shipping label and send it my way girlie! I'd buy it! Thanks for the P90X info once again hun! I'm still on the fence...don't quite know why...I guess I just need to hear some crazy exciting reviews from someone ya know? I'm pretty sure I'll end up getting it though...maybe...

Ruth~ hope your first day of school went well and that the goat wasn't too uncomfortable! Congrats on the loss hun! Great way to start off the month huh?

shasha~ Oh I completely agree about the cake! I also believe that there's a special section of the stomach reserved just for cake! Ya know, because there should always be room for cake! Thankfully no Birthdays this month so there shouldn't be any reason for my fil to tempt me with his delicious cakes!

Delphi~ Woo hoo! A pizza dude huh? Ya know, you were right to keep on walking because if you ended up dating a guy who smelled like garlicy cheesy goodness, goodness knows what could have happened! Congrats on the loss and for getting rid of TOM!!! I think he's finally headed out of town for me too. And woo hoo on the panties girlie--The 170's!!!!! That's awesome hun!!!!!

Jacque~ you ARE an inspiration! I'm so glad you've stuck around even though you made your goal already--it's wonderful to see you maintaining and it totally motivates me to keep going!!

Jessica~ glad to hear you're all settled in with the move and such. Sorry to hear about the emotional stuff going on, but with all that you're going through, it's only natural for you to be missing your ex and feeling down and everything else. You're doing great and don't beat yourself up over those chocolates hun! Sometimes you just have to do what you need to to get yourself through it. Delphi's right, so long as one day doesn't turn into another and another--you're good. Sounds like you're back in the saddle and ready to ride!!

Hotsplashes~ sorry to hear you're sick hun! Glad you're joining us again this month! Take care and get better soon!

MsP~ Oh you're making me feel like such a slacker!!! I was absolutely lazy yesterday! Glad to hear things are progressing with the house sale! Don't work yourself too crazy or anything hun! And thanks for motivating me! I think it's high time I tackle the coat rack and the coat closet--they're scary! WTG on the vitamin this morning! I was going to ask you about it! And bravo on the inches lost last month! Woo hoo! Hey, when do you get your scale back anyway?

~ thanks hun! Hope you got a great night sleep last night!! Catch ya later girlie!

Mom~ Hey!! Glad to see you're posting in the mornings!! Congrats on the loss! Ya know, I have a feeling that this month is going to be a good month for you! How goes the wine-free evenings?

Butterfly~ Woo hoo! You did a great job yesterday!!! Keep up the great work hun!

~ I replied over on the exercise thread about the cramping issue

Dandk~ I recognize your screen name from a prior challenge I believe so Welcome back!!!!

HealthyBunny, MeowMix (I instantly started singing that song when I read your screen name btw! ), Mizmizzy, Aprilcp ~ This is a great bunch of girls! Just jump right in and make yourself comfy!!!

So, I was pretty darn lazy yesterday and after reading MsP's post about how productive she was--I'm determined to get something done today! I've just been so unmotivated! Sheesh!

Got to bed late last night, hubby and I had a big ol' long talk about some stuff (nothing too earth shattering) and ended up going to be after 11:00! *yawn* it amazes me that I used to stay up until 1:00am!!! So, as a result I ended up getting out of bed almost an hour late, but I did manage to get all but my ab workout in (I'll be doing that here in a few).

The scale was nice to me today and I'm no down a full pound from yesterday! Yay!

Well ladies, I guess I should get going--my goal is to clean the hallway where all the coats/sweatshirts/hats are hung up and then clean out the coat closet.'s crazy in there! If you don't see me later, it's pretty safe to assume that I was buried alive by the avalanche of board games, goats and Winter gear that's stuffed in there!

Okay girls, get out there and have a fantastic day! And of course, be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!
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Hey Ladies! Here are my goals for September:

Get out of the 140's (FINALLY!!)
Weight/Resistance bands workout 2-3x / week
Cardio 5x / week

I've been so busy with school, i haven't been able to post anything! Hope all is well with you gals!
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ISO my perfect body
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Good morning ladies!!!!
I have my workout out of the way, I had kinda lost my workout MOJO, and really had to tell myself, "you don't have to want to do it, you don't even have to like to do it, but you ARE going to do it! LOL, anybody else have that conversation with themselves? It will probably happen again tomorrow...... and the next day, until I really get back in the groove. I am counting on all the GROOOVY chicks here to help me stay focused, and accountable.

Idream- I can only imagine how bad your hallway closet is if you actually keep "goats" in there! Thanks for the laugh this morning! I needed that! Keep on smiling!

Bessie don't miss out on our exercise thread too! most of us post in both places. You are gonna love this bunch of health nuts!!!!

Ms Perception= I don't blame you, I wouldn't have ridden in the dark either! OMG, 5+inches! Way to make it happen! THat is soooo awesome! I hope upping my ST will help me lose the inches too! Hey you should post some new pics, so we can see how little you really are now! (like your son says).

Bootsie- it is time to grab a banana, and a big glass of water! (i also replied to your question in the exercise thread! hope you are feeling better by now!

LTTG-congrats on the loss! Keep it up! YOu are doing great!

Jaqui9999- unfortunately, you will probably be waiting a long time to hear "you're right" from any man esp. an ex! But way to rock it with your workouts! Keep it up! I second Delphi, I am so glad you stuck around after you met goal!

Butterflydiva- sounds yummy! my belly is growling at me just reading it! I'll bet you feel so much better when you eat that way. I know I do!

Delphi- Hope you are having a Super Awesome fabulistic day! Opps, I guess you must be because you hit the 170's!!!!!
wooooooo hooooo on the panties girl!

Pucedaisey- You crack me up! I hadn't even thought about until you re-wrote it! "sucks about the murder though!" But then again, that's our Delphi!

FSA- just wanted to say hi, hope all is well up North, and just read your email from wayback when. Thanks for checking up on me! You're a doll!!!!

Gotta run girls, I am starving!!!! it is salad time!
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So I realized what my problem was in August. While I did lose about 6 lbs, I know I could have done better. There was just a lot of eating out or guests over at our place. We did a little pantry makeover Saturday and Sunday. There is nothing really tempting left in my apartment now other than some nutella. I have a freezer full or chicken breasts and salmon, tons of fruits and veggies in the fridge and I replaced my instant white rice with a big bag of brown rice. Since Monday, I am down 3lbs and I have yet to feel hungry or in the mood for bad snacks. I went kickboxing last night and I really worked hard, I would say more than usual. Its funny, I just felt like things kinda fell into place all of a sudden. I hope I can ride out this high for a long time because the ups and downs can really get annoying. I hope that by next Friday, I can reach 245 and then I will only have 5 more lbs to reach my goal for the month.
Well work is super busy today so I don't have time for personals. I will get to them in a little while. But really quick, congrats to everyone that has been losing lately. You are such a motivation for me.
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One day at a time.
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Good Morning Ladies.

So, I'm only going to update right now, seeing how little time I have considering I have to get ready and run soon. I will try to do personals tonight. The last 2 days haven't been the greatest, but that's completely my fault.

Monday I ran out the house without eating anything and didn't return until almost 1 (I was out the door at 8.) So, I came home and grabbed a coke (I stay away from caffeine.) At the end of the day, not only had I been off my plan, but I had 3 cokes! 3! And I don't drink caffeine. Needless to say my immediate withdrawl yesterday was horrible. Not to mention Monday I had an allergic reaction to the flippin' bandaids they put on me after I had two shots from the doc's office. I'm allergic to latex. And then to top off yesterday's horrible withdrawl (headaches) I slipped on my stairs and fell down a few of them and have a nice deep, blue and black bruise next to my right elbow.

On a positive note; I can laugh at myself now that I feel better. XD It was my fault I felt horrible yesterday and only mine. I did manage to get in my exercise yesturday, even if my food intake was horrible. And today, I'm starting things off on the right foot and I'm even going ice skating with one of my best friends (hopefully he'll catch me before I fall and land on my horrible bruise. lol. ) And I still plan on going for a walk and staying OP. But now I gotta run, take my vitamins and go get ready.


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Hi Girls!
Yesterday was on plan and got plenty of exercise in and even extra water. Today is going excellent so far but I do have to get some more exercise in, only have a 17min walk/jog in so far (outside with kids for their PE for the day).
Tried a new Healthy Choice for lunch today, it was the turkey medallions in gravy,potatoes, and butternut squash with cranberries and apples. I really liked the squash with the cranberries, I am going to have to find a recipe for that because I like butternut squash but don't have any creative ways to use it other than baking it with a little butter and brown sugar.

I hope this post works because I keep trying to get on the last page of this thread and for some reason it won't load, grrr!
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Originally Posted by FullSteamAhead View Post
September Weight Loss Challenge Team Members and Goals List
Please let me know if I miss anyone or something is incorrect, thanks

econ nerd: lose 10 pounds or get below 225 (starting weight is 233)
Apparently I was having a bad math day when I posted my goals... That should read 223 (who'da thunk 233 minus ten could be that complicated to figure out...)

I'm staying on plan and I have 75 ounces of water in already today (and still time to drink some more after work). I got hubby to drop me off at work this morning so that I would have to walk home (about 1.5 miles).

Go team losers
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Learning to fly again
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Taking a break from all the packing and de-cluttering to show my face in here

to all the newbies! I'm sort of an oldie that sort of fell of the wagon last month. Can't wait to meet you all.

Tummy: Thanks so much for the suggestion, it makes sense. I think I will give planning ahead a try next week for a week and see how that goes.

Delphi and Tummy: OMG with your CoD chat. I am a CoD widow on Friday nights and I am not so looking forward to the new one. DH thought it was awesome when I mentioned there was chat of the new game in here LOL
Delphi: Congrats on the new decade! I am so happy for you!

urock: It's so good to see you back in here

Sandye: Love the new screen name, still getting confused about it though. Only when I see your picture in there I know it's you. I shall adopt your notebook and "special"pen idea as well, I tried that with a regular old pad and then I misplaced it after the first meal and that was the end of that LOL.

shasha: WTG on hiding away from the cake. It is one of my weaknesses too so I can totally relate.

FSA: Thanks!

Jessicado: girl. It is a stressful thing you are going through right now, but you'll make it through to the other side.

Ms. P.: Glad to be back as well. It was like there was something missing in my life for most of August . Good luck with the house sale. When is it going on the market? Best of luck for your mom on her surgery too.

LE: I guess September is the month for comebacks, huh? Glad to see you! Oh, I have that workout conversation with myself almost everyday LOL! Haven't worked out in about a month though, so I guess I should start talking to myself really soon.

Bootsie: About the cramps, the first thing would be to make sure you are stretching well after your workout while your muscles are warm, second, if you are dehydrated, you might get cramps and last potassium levels, if you are low, you might get them, so having a banana might help.

MissMallee: Ouch! Some days just seem to go wrong all the way . Glad it's all behind you and that you're feeling better though.

Ruth: WTG on being OP! That Healthy choice meal does sound quite good. Once upon a time I posted a question about butternut squash here and I got some great ideas:

econ: LOL, I belong to the bad math days club too

Ok...back to the grind for me...catch you all later!

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Wow, things are really moving fast around here!

NSM & iDeaam-I am on that de-cluttering wagon. I went to visit a friend over the summer and her house was just packed full of stuff. Made me totally crazy so since I have come home I have just been giving things away and tossing things out. Feels soooo good!

Thanks to all for the welcome back. I have missed you like crazy!

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One day at a time...
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Hello Chickies!!!

I am still here, just buried under piles of work! It's great to see the September thread so active so early! yayy! As for me, I'm stressed out and struggling to stay OP, but making it so far. I'm staying within my calories and keeping up with the exercise but man, I tell ya... the things I'm craving right now are naaaaaughty!

jessicado - You sound stressed out and man, who could blame you!! Just try to take one day at a time... we're not running a race here so setbacks are no big deal!

april - congrats on getting back into the 170's! Good luck this month!

Ms P - How did your mother's surgery go?

idream - you wanna come clean my closets too? I did the bedroom one but I've got lots of others! And... I can't believe you're down another pound! It's falling off you like crazy! Way to go!

lewis - I have that conversation with myself every time I go to Curves or do any kind of strength training. I keep waiting for that moment when I begin to enjoy it... I'm not holding my breath!

Shasha - I'm loving your positive attitude! Way to go on the 3 lbs!

Miss Mallee - Ouch! Sounds like quite the couple of days you've had. I hope things get better!

econ - Don't sweat the math... I think we've all been there lol!

Delphi - Yay for TOM to have left the house!!! I'll be watching for your weight to drop like crazy now, I'm sure.
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There is no spoon!
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NSM ~ at being a COD widow on friday nights. Is it you playing or the hubby? Either way...what platform? The 360? If so, you guys should add me! Have fun with the declutter.

~ Try not to stress too much darling...that cortisol is horrible for the weight loss. I hope things settle down for you soon.

LE ~ I had a freakin' awesome about yourself? Love the new pictures on facebook.

Ruth ~ You know, I've never tried those Healthy Choice meals...are they any good? I usually go with the Lean Cusine.

Miss Malle ~ Ice skating sounds great. Enjoy!

shasha ~ You can reach those girly. I know you can!

~ I guess it's time to clean the dust off the ol' eh? Haha! So did you get that hallway clean?

Tummy ~ What the hay? No post today.

Well it's been another productive day. Even renewed my DL...the DMV was such a drag, but excellent for people watching. At any rate, hope you ladies have a great evening.
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Hello ladies just checking in... Have had a rought few days. Having problems sleeping again. But I have been eating clean so that is good, I haven't had enough energy for the workouts I know since I haven't been sleeping that is my problems... Hopefully tonight will be better. Got my boys registered for school today... Hard to believe my baby boy goes into high school this year and my oldest son is a senior where oh where has the time gone... Ok chickies gotta run for now.. Have a great night and keep up the good work.
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