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Hi Jayagoddess, I've added you to the list! Good luck!

Saramommy, Oh my! I wish I had your metabolism. You are just zipping right along! Great job!

Hi FSA, glad you are feeling well and doing well!

Ms_P, that's such good news that your weight is back to where it was previously and that you are back on task. Good job!

Wannabe, way to work through the shred! You'll be better off for it.

Hattie, since you're doing everything right, you'll see results soon. Way to keep with it! It's so easy to become discouraged and I admire your determination.

Cake, good for you for planning and preparing your meals ahead of time! That's a surefire way to meet with success!

Lene, despite the fact that your weight is back up, it sounds like you are working really hard toward your goal. Great job!

I have TOM looming, but I have no intention of letting that stop me from doing the things I know I need to do to reach my goal. I'll just ignore the scale for a few days! Lol!

Edited to add: Econ, you must have sneaked in before I sent my post, so I missed you earlier, but good job on the food prep! Makes it a lot easier not to overeat when it's all portioned out and ready to go!

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Hi girls

Just got in and made an ice coffee and made a b line here...\_/ \_/ \_/
\_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ coffee's for you ladies. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Fenderellaaaaaa, I read your post the other day and was happy to read your news, sorry for my blunder It's okay, we all get busy sometimes , that's to be expected. I am happy for you that your BF is there, you must be so excited! I hope you are having a wonderful time together .

Jaya, Of course you may join us, it's nice to see you and glad you found us over here .

Terapet, congrats on skipping the wine yesterday I don't think it is silly to brag about it at all. Oh, congrats on the weight loss too, you are so close to getting down a digit, keep up the good work

MsPerception, I'm glad your feeling better and wtg on getting back to where you were, etc. and that "happy place" : ), and your OP days Onward and downward we go! .

Lene, hey you! wtg on those workouts!!! Sounds like you had a great day. I am glad you got the turkey too! : ) I so hear you about the carb thing and the "whites". SBD helped aid me a lot too in steering me in the right direction, towards the so called "good carbs" and helping me to be much more conscience of sugars. I am on my own plan as well Lene, one that is suited around my lifestyle and tastes but similiar to SBD in principle. Anyway, sounds like your doing great! Once again, glad your here Lene

CakeBatter, I just love the metaphor you used " I kicked lazy out the window" ! WTG on cutting your veggies and making some premade meals for the next few days! That is awesome! It really helps me tremendously knowing what I am having 2 to 3 days in advances for meals. When I start getting hungry or Dh says, what's for dinner? I think about that meal on my plan and my mind doesn't wander to other foods because Iknow what I am having. Keep us posted, ok? Let us know how it goes for you too as well, kick butt girl! .

Hattie, you write however much you want girl. Wtg on hanging in there Hattie.

Hi wannabeskinnyagain, good for you for holding yourself accountable and posting and working on making it a better week. Right on!

Saramommy, congrats on your 4 lb. loss!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us and also thanks for your words of encouragement .

econ nerd, wtg on getting back on track and so smart to having your lunches planned and ready to go! Keep up the great work : ).

Jaqui, thanks girl! : ) wtg on your attitude........regarding tom and not letting it get in your way! Go girl go! Hold onto that spirit, it's golden! . Hope your feeling ok and having a great day!

A big hello to all of you!

As for me, so far so good here girls. Been OP and thankgoodness that that day I was extra hungry didn't spill into the next day! I am so glad TOM is over with! I had my turkey sandwich again : ) ...getting hungry now though. I should of had a snack between 3-4, it helps hold me over until dinner time and helps me to not over eat at dinner. Time for a little snack now I think!
The weather is still so yucky here but you know what they say, "April showers bring May flowers". All in good time, for now I am just taking it day by day and focusing on having good OP days and then when that warm weather sneaks up on me all of a sudden (like it always does! lol), I will be ready for it! Great to have you here k eep up the great work everyone, we will catch up real soon
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Default April Weight Loss Challenge List of Participants (so far!)

If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

FullSteamAhead: Lose 8-10 lbs
Jassica: Exercise more; lose 10 lbs or more
Theresia: Lose 5 lbs
Dumplin: Lose 15 lbs
CandyKisses0204: Get back in the gym at least 3 times a week; lose 7+ lbs
Calisa86: Stay on track; push harder than in March; lose 12 lbs
Saramommy: Lose 8 lbs
CakeBatter: Reach 178 lbs; run 36 miles
Jessacaca: Lose 4-5 lbs; get in 60 miles
Icandoallthings6613: Lose 9 lbs; do the 5K in under 32 minutes; finish senior thesis
Unwanted37lbs: Lose 6 lbs
MissNovis: Lose 13 lbs; run at least 30 minutes 4 times a week during lunch break; attend weekly hip hop and zumba classes; play racquetball at least once a week
Bronte155: Lose 5 lbs; ride stationary bike at least four days a week for at least 30 minutes each time
Wyo_rose: Reach 186 lbs
Naughtymonkey01: Push harder; eat better; donít torture self about it
Shrinkingleah: Lose 35 lbs from original SW by April 25th
Timkerbelle: Lose 1kg/week to reach 86kg (189lbs); walk at least 10mi every week
Wifey: Lose 8 lbs
Desi: Lose 12 lbs
FitSarah: Lose 10 lbs
Fenderella5678: Lose 15 lbs
Branflake: Stay on track the whole month; lose 10 lbs
Strawberryeyes: Lose 10 lbs; exercise regularly
Econ_nerd: Lose 10 lbs or more
Jacqui_D: Lose 10 lbs
OK_Lizzy: Lose 10 lbs
Terapet: Lose 8 lbs
Steviemcqueen: Do cardio (walking/jogging, aerobic class, etc.) at least three times a week; lose 8 lbs
Ms_Perception: No longer be obese; lose 6 lbs; fit comfortably (maybe even loose-ish) into size 14 clothes
Enchantedonyx: Lose 12 lbs
JasonsLea: Get back into a routine at the gym; POP at least 85% of the month; very limited fast food
Lewisempire: Do 62 miles of exercise; lose 1.5 lbs per week equaling 6 lbs
Kswood87: Lose 10 lbs
Mygritsconfessions: Lose 15 lbs
Mothermavis: Lose 7 lbs
Scarlet: Lose 8-10 lbs; keep on plan; work hard to overcome bad food addiction
Zoochick777: Lose 7 lbs; fit comfortably into a size 11 jeans
Dianee: Lose 10 lbs
ValD: Lose 10 lbs; drop one pants size; walk at least 1 mile a day
Wannabeskinnyagain: Stay on track; eat less/eat healthier; exercise in some way everyday; lose 10 lbs or more
Petunia418: Lose 13 lbs
Christian: Lose 5 lbs
TatorTator: Weigh in the 180s
ButterflyDiva: Lose 5-8 lbs; exercise 5x a week
JulieBahrain: Reach 155 lbs by April 25th
Losingnyc: Lose 8 lbs
CollegeGirl: Lose 10 lbs
Sjdphc: Work out Monday thru Friday for 1 1/2 hours; work toward reaching 160-170lbs by June 21st
Hattie22: Lose at least 5 lbs; maintain a positive attitude; keep eating OP; keep exercising and trying new things; enjoy life!
JazzyPeggy: Reach 275 lbs; exercise at least 20 times
Dvdrumls: Lose 10 lbs
Lene1974: Lose 5 lbs
Efova: Reach 180 lbs
Truffles: Lose 5 lbs
Jayagoddess: Lose 10 lbs
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Jacqui, your something else! I know I said thanks a few times but oh, it's so nice what your doing for us! Ty again sweety for taking the time to do this for us. Have an aw3esome night and keep on truckin!
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By the way is this challenge end at the end of April?

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Sooooo I made just about the whole. I will eat a subway sandwich in a minute and that will be it for me! I am at my niece's bday party and there is fried chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and cake....soooo I sent the BF to subway. Yay me cause that chicken is smelling good!

FSA _ Yay TOM is gone! I just said that about april showers bring may flowers and it is true. That's right keep it up and the weather won't sneak up on will meet it with open arms

Sara - WTG on the HUGE loss. You get one for every pound!

Econ _ I find that preparing meals in advance helps me tremendously. Like FSA said it makes so that when the "what's for dinner?" question arises there is no guessing because I know exactly what I am going to eat

Jayagoddess - WELCOME

MsP - Yay back at pre-weekend weight...woohoo you get a carrot!
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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been checking in recently. I've been very busy with school work since I'm only 3 weeks away from the end of the semester. I was wondering if ya'll could do me a favor and take a survey (it's completely anonymous). It's for my research project for my Experimental Design class. The purpose is to find whether gender and/or age had an affect on dream content and recollection. Thanks to everyone who helps!
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Height: 5'8"


FSA, you are so welcome! It is my pleasure, and it helps me too because it assures I check in, so I stay accountable!

Cake, good job on the willpower!

Hi Zoochick, I took your survey! Good luck with your schooling!

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I'm so excited about moving! I just feel like things will be so much better. I will have money in my pocket (for once!), no worries about the internet and power been shut off, and a live in WL buddy! I'll be able to come back full force in the next challenge! Just....happy. Really happy and hoping things will go okay.

BTW, does anyone watch The Tudors on Showtime?
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Good morning girls!
I am soooo excited I can hardly type. My efforts have paid off!!!! my scale was down this morning, although I got 2 different readings 202.5, and 201.5!!! I am going with the 202.5 for now, and we will see if it keeps dropping tomorrow!!! I drank hot tea and water like a fish yesterday(thanks again FSA for the idea) so I am realatively certain I am not just dehydrated!!!!!! Gosh I love the Whooshes!!

Jasonslea- I am excited for you too. It must feel really good to be in the place you are! sounds like you found a good balance! I can feel your relief in your post! Next challenge, you will make good progress, because you have gotten the rest of your life in order! Stay strong, and focused!

Hi Jaqui
Scarlet- are you out there? We miss you....Hope you are doing well

Cakebatter- You are the bomb! opting out of yummy fried chicken! You must mean business!! That is what will get you where you want to be quickly! Did anyone ask you questions, or show interest in why/what you are doing? Give your BF a big thumbs up from us! The world needs more good supportive men!!! You are a lucky girl!

Jayagoddess-Yes this challenge finishes at the end of April. Welcome!

Saramommy- Woooo whoooooo! That is awesome girl! Keep up the good work!

Fullsteamahead- I hear ya on the weather! 3 days ago, I was basking in the sunshine, and loving every second, Now I am freezing my tooshie off and yesterday it snowed! Mother Nature is very fickle! It is pure torture I tell you! How many plants did you plant? Do you have a garden, or a farm? I did a little 15x20 plot this year, So far I only have my lettuces in. My others are still at home growing. But I certainly dont have as many as you!!!

Econ nerd- It is all about getting back on track ASAP! WTG, it isn't always easy. Sounds like you have a good plan! We'll look forward to a progress report!

Zoochick- I took your survey too, hope it helps! Funny how dreams seem so vivid, but when you try to describe/explain, it doesn't make much sense! Oh well! I am sure you are in the "crunch time" at school, good luck on all your finals! Let us know how everything goes!
Ms Perception- WTG on getting back to where you were! Now onward and downward!!!!

Girls gotta go for know, off to the big city (knoxville) for a doctors appt! Oh yay, what fun! I need to plan my food before I head out, So I stay away from all the yummy temptations!!! We will talk later! Have a great day Chickies!!!!!!
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Height: 5'2"


SO far, so good. I had 16 oz this morning on the way to work because I had to mix fiber in it and then 16 oz of coffee and then 4 oz of milk. I am just waiting for the moment my stomach drops and I go running to the BR. But I guess that won’t be a bad thing I weigh tomorrow . I have got food all packed for all the way up to gym time. Woohoo. I got on the scale yesterday and I am down 2 lbs unofficially! Yay! I was really worried about that! I wish the weekend would hurry up and come….which will probably give me back my two lbs. But I have a plan. I am working out thru Saturday and I am packing healthy foods for short ride up and throughout the day until our dinner reservations. Let loose at the restaurant and in the club (however watching my portions) and then a nice easy walk on Sunday.

Jacqui – Again TY for the list. You are really keeping organized

Lewisempire - WTG on the scale! That is so awesome! I love love love to see the scale move down. You will be at goal in no time.
Well luckily my sis is doing WW also and so she completely understood and I even rubbed off on her and she had a café steamer instead. Yay sis! My BF has lost 140 lbs in the last year so he is very very understanding of my WL efforts.

Zoochick- I can’t access the website here at work for whatever reason but I will be sure to do it this evening at home. Will that be too late

Jasonlea- WOW a live-in WL buddy is the best. I guess that is sort of what my BF and I are like. It really helps mostly except when we BOTH want a donut at the same time! LOL I am excited for you and I am so glad you are so happy. I love happy.
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Hey, Lewisempire WOO HOO!!! Congrats on a nice scale day! Your efforts have definitely paid off. It is SO awesome to see results! I'm super happy for you!!
Cake Batter-great job on the liquid consumption. I NEED to be very mindful of that. I have days when I forget about it and really notice by the end of the day!
Jasonslea Yay! to getting ready to settle into a much less stressful phase of your life! I hope it rejuvenates you and helps you enjoy this process!

I had a really good OP day yesterday and today is starting out well also. I'm not seeing the scale move, but I will drink more water and keep on doing the right things 'til it happens. DH is already making plans with me for when I become "overweight". We're doing an overnight date! Those are pretty rare with 3 younger kids, so it'll be LOTS of fun!
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oh girls girls girls, lol. I so want to write but dont dare after the freeze up a few minutes ago! I will be back later on. Lewisempireeeeeeee, so so happy for you! wtg sweety! A big hello to all of you and a I will be back later on to write more. Keep up the great work and have an awesome day
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I stayed on plan yesterday and was down 0.2 this morning - but that is good considering TOM also arrived today. Three days in a row having the same salad for lunch and it's still OK. I packed up five salad containers with all sorts of greens, mushrooms, shredded carrots, tiny tim tomatoes and divided a can of corn and a can of black beans across all five. I cooked up one large chicken breast and divided it into five little zip locks. I also packed five little containers with salsa. In the morning I add some cheese to the chicken and pack everything into my lunch bag and I am ready to mix it all together and eat (I also pack a small container of fat free Ranch dressing). It makes for a YUMMY salad! And not bad for calories (I'm guess-timating it to be in the 500 calorie range).
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Hi ladies

FSA, Hattie, Christie, Lene, & all~ I am so sorry that I had you worried and am for going AWOL for so long. I was sick at the tail end of the St. Patty's Day challenge and it ended up turning into a sinus infection that had me doing the absolute minimum & mostly just sleeping for weeks!!! I was also really frustrated with the weight loss as I was in a 2 month stall and then because of being sick, I couldn't exercise or do anything to make the scale move again. So, I decided to take it easy on myself and just stop trying to lose weight while I was feeling so cruddy. I should have let you in on what was going on though and I am very, very sorry to have worried you!!!!

So now I am feeling better and had my first full workout yesterday and another today so I think I am back on track. Fortunately, I was able to maintain while I was laying around so at least the scale didn't go up!!

Since Jacqui is doing this fabulous list-and boy you must be one organized chick-my goal for April: 5 pounds and maintaining my 6 days on/1 day off exercise program.

Lewis, Jaya, MsP and all my old friends~ I am so glad to hear that you are sticking to it and have had some successes!!!

To everyone I haven't met yet~ I am sending you for the challenge and look forward to getting to know you all!!!

Let's get out there and !!!
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