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hi everyone...yes, crazy weekend on my end made for a quiet 3fc weekend...the rest of you must be in the same boat. hope you're all doing well.

nixmom, i actually grew up in bend, but now i live in the willamette valley--small world

mtiger, congrats on getting through those 5 lbs--you can do it

est1991, welcome! of course you can join in...i've only known everyone a few weeks and it is an amazing source of support and accountability. you sound like you have a good plan...keep us updated!

shari, i hope you're feeling better tomorrow. i'm sorry that you're experiencing all this stress...just remember, you're in control of the choices you make tomorrow. even if today didn't stay on plan, you can still be on plan tomorrow. if you can, try and get outside and take a walk...even a short walk can be a great stress buster (at least for me). take care and keep us updated...

i'm doing pretty well...but that scale has not budged all week though and i'm a little frustrated by that. i know that i've been seeing consistent loss for a few weeks and so a little lull is to be expected...but it's always frustrating when you're on plan and kicking butt at the gym and the scale is stuck.

however, i would like to thank the measuring tape for giving me hope. my measurements have still been changing even if the scale hasn' that's what i'm focusing on...there is change happening...and i'll get there. it's just hard not to be impatient...

tomorrow evening i'm going up to portland to see itzhak perlman (my favorite violinist) play with the oregon symphony. i'm thrilled beyond belief--i never thought i'd be able to afford tickets but there was a special and i got a good seat for only 20$!!! it's pretty cool because i never imagined i'd get to see him live. i teach violin for a living so this is sort of like a dream for me

as far as weed tomorrow goes for me:

W i've been at 64 but i'm going to up it a bit...headache and i'm wondering if it has to do with not getting enough water?
E tomorrow i have the concert so i'm going to stick with just one workout tomorrow--the weights class and an hour of cardio
E my friends and i are going out to eat before the concert so i just need to be sure and make good choices (they're a lot easier to make at home, where i only have good choices to choose from.
D don't get hung up on the number on the scale...just stay on plan, it's going to work. i can do it...just one more minute of running at a time!

i'm not sure if i'm supposed to post here or on the new thread, maybe i'll do both
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