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wants to look good naked
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S/C/G: 200/171.8/135

Height: 5'5"

Default 5 Pound Challenge #48

Here we go! Time for challenge #48!

Everyone is welcome, hop in at any time.

Here's what to do: We're out to lose 5 pounds. No matter where you're at in your weight loss, it's helpful to break down your loss into small goals like this. Just post your SW (starting weight) as of today, your CW (current weight) which is whenever you weigh in and your GW (goal weight) which is five pounds down from the day you joined in.

Weigh in whenever you like and come tell us about it! You can weigh in as often as you like - some of us do it everyday, some once or twice a week.

The first one to hit five pounds lost gets to start the next thread!

Good luck everyone!

SW: 188.4
GW: 183.4
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Location: TX
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S/C/G: 255 / 233 / 145

Height: 5'4


I'm in! What a great idea/fun thing to do. =)

SW: 239.6
GW: 234.6
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S/C/G: 192/187/150

Height: 5'7"


I'm in!

SW: 176
GW: 171

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Location: Michigan
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S/C/G: 147/142/125

Height: 5'3


Im in again!

SW 140
GW 135
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needs constant reminding
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S/C/G: 164/maintenance since 8/08

Height: 5'4"



congrats dizzysoi-- good work

SW 124
CW 124
GW 119
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S/C/G: 263/256/160

Height: 5'3"


Im in!


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Back at it...again!
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S/C/G: 199/ticker/139

Height: 5'3"


Well, thanks for winning on an "up" day for me and a big to you dizzysoi!!

I tried eating my way out of a standstill last night and ended up going up over a pound...well, I guess it broke the standstill! LOL

SW: 180.6
GW: 175.6

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Posts: 254

S/C/G: 173.3/166.7/135

Height: 5'2"



SW: 157.8
GW: 152.8 (Wouldn't that be fun?)
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Weight Loss; Control Gain
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S/C/G: ?/?/130

Height: 4'11"



Wow you passed the goal, great job...

SW: 156.2
CW: 156.2
GW: 151.2 =) Wow, I can't wait.
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Posts: 12

S/C/G: 319/303/180

Height: 5'10"


I'm in...

sw - 261
gw - 256
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Formerly know as Fauxtini
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S/C/G: 369.2/ticker/235

Height: 6'1


I have been taking a hiatus from weighing in everyday.. but I miss the 5 lb challenges! They are really fundamental in keeping me from slacking!

SW 238.8
GW 233.8

I havn't been here since the new year and it looks like there's a bunch of faces i've never seen on here! Yay! new people to meet HI ALL!
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S/C/G: 300/Ticker/150

Height: 5'4"

Default Joining the fun

Hi All,
I'm new here and was told that I should join in on the fun . I'm in. The only question that I have is there a certain time frame that we need to lose the 5lbs in or until we lose it?
Thanks a bunch.

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Great Job Dizzy!

Suzy - Welcome! No time frame...we just go until someone loses 5 pounds. That person starts a new thread.

My details:
SW: 248.8
CW: 243.8

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Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Upstate, NY
Posts: 90

S/C/G: 300/Ticker/150

Height: 5'4"


Thanks Barb for the welcom and info . Glad to be part of the team .
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S/C/G: 177/157/138

Height: 5'6"


Way to Go Dizzy!
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