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Default How do you stop eating?

How do you stop yourself from eating when you are overeating and can't seem to stop?
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Excellent question, been munching all day, at about 1200 calories, which isn't horrible, but I'm not supposed to be counting calories cause I'm trying intuitive eating - but I'm scared it's a bingy kind of day -
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Less is more.
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The little tricks i have learned over the years are
1. when I get the munchies I drink a glass or more of water. Sometimes your body will say it is hungry when really you are thirsty
2. Brush my teeth, I hate eating after i brushed my teeth.
3. Chew minty gum ( or any flavor) Sometimes the act of chewing will calm my munchies plus the strong mint flavor reminds me of toothpaste so i won't want to eat even after I spit it out.
4. I suck on a ice cube/frozen grape(s)/strawberries. the cold always seem to kill my hunger, and if it's frozen fruit I give myself a little treat that is also healthy.
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If you're able to I'd come and read the posts on here - that's what I've been doing the last few evenings, it works in 2 ways in that it keeps your fingers and mind busy but also it seems to inspire me to keep going so that I don't then eat. Got to admit that this only works if there's a computer to use nearby - apart from that I'd go with the suggestions that Sakai has wrote ... or try looking at a photograph of how you'd like to look?

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I find I binge less if I get some exercise in during the day. Right now I'm just doing 20 minute walks, about a mile, but it does seem to help regulate my appetite.

I swear, though, the next time I feel like binging, I'm going to go shopping. Maybe I can become a shopaholic.
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I used to never be able to stop eating but now i have found a few ways to stop:

go outside and do anything (play with dogs ect. just get away from kitchen)
i have dropped food and just ran away
i also find it inspiring to look in a fashion magazine

most of my 'binge stoppers' are exercise. I'm really wanted to binge so i might go to the gym right now and hop on the elliptical!
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The teeth brushing thing works well for me. The other thing is reading fitness magazines, coming here or watching something like Biggest Loser. Seeing everyone else in a "get healthy" mindset discourages my unhealthy mindset. I feel for you though, it is such a struggle sometimes.
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Yeah,I usually get a big bottle of water, and sit down with something fun to do. Read, artwork, call a friend and chat, whatever. Anything to distract myself until the feeling passes.
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3 + years maintaining
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I made my kids homemade pizza the other night and since they are thankfully nothing like their mother there were plenty of leftovers, so naturally I took a bite and then another bite and knew I would eventually wind up eating the whole thing - so I turned on the faucet and ran it under the water rendering it inedible. I've done it on several occasions.
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I like to add a lemon slice to a glass of water. It makes it "fancy" and a special treat as I dont do it very often.
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I'm the type that likes to binge on a variety of foods. Sometimes, a binge just can't be avoided and can be delayed for only so long. I just try to start with really low calorie foods (apples, broth, salad, etc.) I don't necessarily deprive myself of the more "snacky" foods, but by the time I get to it, I'm pretty full from the healthy stuff and I learn to content myself with a smaller portion of the bad food. I might still binge, but the guilt is eased when I realize that I can keep it under 1,000 calories, since it could always be so much worse.

I don't know if that helps. There are all kinds of bingers and you just have to guess and check what techniques work best for you.

Edit: I should also mention that you can switch up food types in mid-binge mode (it's hard to plan ahead). It works especially when I'm binging on cheese (my favorite). I'll realize that I've just eaten 6 servings of cheese and that I want more. I can leave the cheese where it is, go make and eat a salad, and then return to the cheese, but I'll eat less cheese than if I hadn't had the salad.

For me, it's not about stopping a binge, but curbing the damage I can do.

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I would say drinking a glass of water certainly helps. Or try a glass of milk. Wait 30 mins and see if you are still hungry, if you are then make a meal. Its all about moderation. If you are hungry you should eat but really try not to eat because you are bored or just want to snack.
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Eating for two!
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When I lived alone, I binged so frequently it was scary. After all, no one was there to see it, so it didn't count, right? One thing I did that REALLY helped was I started buying only ingredients. I didn't keep anything that was easy to grab and much in my kitchen. Everything had to be prepared, so if I really wanted to eat something, then I really had to work for it, and that certainly deterred me from overeating on MANY occasions since my laziness trumps my munchies

I think your question might be a bit different, though--it seems you might be asking how to stop eating once you've started, not how to avoid starting in the first place? If this is the case, what I do is only make enough food to last one serving. That way, I can't go back for seconds or anything. Once I've eaten my serving, there isn't anymore (without having to prepare more, anyway, which is work and takes time, so I usually opt out ).
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sugar menthol cough drops
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One thing I had to stop doing was going in to the kitchen and standing with the fridge open thinking that I was starving and grabbing anything that jumped out at me!!!! NOW I TRY and decide what I want before entering the kitchen and before even opening up the fridge!! I also try and keep like fruits and vegetables out front so thats the first thing I see, OH AND SUGAR FREE JELLO...MMMMM!
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