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Exclamation any safe liquid diets?

I'm a binge eater really bad I starve myself in the daytime and eat all eve and night. I'm having alot of weight related problems. My Doc suggested a liquid diet and gave me suggestions of just using protein powder and eating a meal. Does anyone know of any safe and good liquid diets? I'm trying herbalife right now but it's bothering my stomach gi upset. Any suggestions I know the logical thing is for me to try to learn to eat better but I need to get 50 lbs of super fast because of my health. I'm so large they would make me lose weight before I get gastric bypass.
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If your doctor wanted to supervise one, it'd probably be fine. But, I don't have much faith in them.

Read a lot here. You got some fabulous advice in the thread you posted some time ago called 'scared'. So many folks want to help you. I'd love to see you succeed. Read, post, ask questions. We'll help you!
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Great advice! I don't have much faith in liquid diets, either. I think they might be the hardest to stick to long enough to see results. Eating real food - chewing it, tasting it, and feeling full, is very satisifying. You can't get that from a liquid diet, so you'll probably end up feeling deprived and hungry, and more likely to binge later.

Herbalife is never the way to go. Their products are expensive, and frequently contain potentially dangerous ingredients. If you are feeling sick, please stop using them and see if you can get a refund for the unused products.

Do you keep a food log of what you eat every day? If not, you might want to consider starting one. You can do it in a blank notebook, or using an online program such as By writing down every bite, you will become more conscious of where you are going wrong, and you may find painless ways of eating less and losing weight. At the same time, consider taking up a hobby, something that you can do to keep your hands busy, and your mind off of food. A lot of our members like to do cross stitch.

Good luck
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I agree with Susan and Suzanne... there were some great responses to your other post. I'd definitely do the Fitday thing. Even after you've had surgery, you need to learn how to eat properly, and now is the time! If you have a lot to lose, the weight should inititally come off fairly quickly if you're sticking to a good program. And if you're not exercising, walking would give you a boost physically AND mentally!

Good luck, and big hugs!
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Ditto's !!
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Thanks so much for your responses! I am going to try to start tracking everything.
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And post more! We'd like to get to know you better!
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my story
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almost a year ago i hade gastric bypass surgery and i was on a liquid diet, broth,sugar free jello, sugar free pop cicles and alot of water, i have lost 137 ibs i went from 254 ibs to 124 but the main thing is go see a diet consultain they show you how to eat right and keep weight off every american drinks with there meals i can't, don't drink 30 mins before u eat while u eat and after u eat because it washes your food outand makes u hungry again plus look at calories,fat and sugars
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I'm currently on a liquid fast, but it is closely doctor-supervised and I take special prescription supplements along with it.
You might want to consider Slim Fast, having two meal replacements a day and eating a healthy balanced low calorie meal at night. Their website has meal plans designed for the number of calories you want to consume. Check with your doctor and see if he/she approves it. It's certainly cheaper than Herbalife. Good luck.
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Default I have a suggestion..

2much, if you have access to a doctor, which it sounds like you do, why don't you talk to him about Medifast? I'm currently doing that program and, despite the negative feedback I tend to get regarding it (usually from those who haven't tried it or understand it), the plan is safe, dead easy and works faster than most DIEts - because it is a medical program, not a DIEt. It is also NOT a liquid DIEt. It is a meal-replacement program and it works. All of the supplements are formulated in such a way to PRESERVE muscle while you lose fat. You may choose from shakes, snack bars, oatmeal, chili, soup, pudding, punch, crackers, cappucino, tea and all sorts. This is also NOT a fad DIEt! This program has been around for 23 years with a proven track record or weight loss. It used to be only available through doctor's prescription, but now it is available over the counter i.e. through the internet and by phone.

There has been talk that the program now is different than the one previously prescribed, but that is most likely because they are changing the program all the time. Johns Hopkins Medical Team conducts their studies, which they have conducted on a regular basis, in order to make the products even better. We all know how rapidly changes occur in the nutrition industry, so this only seems natural. I'd, personally, have a LOT more worries of doing someone's DIEt where it hasn't changed in 23 years than to do one which changes based on continuous study, research and testing. I should also note that the replacements are soy-protein based and these are NOT Slim-fast! Similar program? Sure. But wholly different products. My daily consumption of meal replacements gives me 100% or more of every single vitamin my mother's multiple vitamin gives her. I know this because I compared them side by side.

There are two programs you may choose from: the Complete Plan, where you use the supplements in place of all 'normal' food (this MUST be supervised by a doctor) and the 5 and 1 Plan, where you consume 5 meal replacements plus a 'lean and green' meal of measured salad greens/veggies and lean protein.

I have had weight problems my entire life (I'm 34 and was put on my first diet at age 9) and, frankly, it ticks me off that there are still idiots out there who insist that the only way anyone can lose weight and keep it off is through portion control and exercise. Well if it was that damn easy, no one would have anorexia, bulemia, binge/compulsive eating disorder (which I have) and no one would be overweight!

I also have the deepest hate possible for any company that promises a 'miracle weight loss' through the use of drinks, pills, powders, etc. However, I have researched this plan a LOT and regardless of the nay-sayers, I am telling you that this works if you follow it. I also visit another forum reserved exclusively for people who are on this program and there are a LOT of people who have lost upwards of 80lbs! The owner of the forum lost 132lbs in 28 weeks with NO excess skin, NO health problems AND, most importantly, she's kept it off for over 3 years! I always thought that people who were able to lose that much weight were very rare, but you will find them all over the place on there. Real people - NOT actors or Anna Nicole Smiths who make untrue, ridiculous claims. They are average Joes who opted to try Medifast before they considered surgery or some other invasive procedure. They are people who had lost faith in the diet industry and themselves - people like me.

I am NOT paid by Medifast in any way. I pay them MY hard earned cash every month to get their supplements. Why? Because it works. I pay roughly $280 for a 28 day supply. (I am doing the Complete plan - the 5/1 would be less $$$) At first, this may seem very expensive, but I challenge anyone to figure out how much they spend on regular groceries, PLUS the fast food, PLUS the alcohol, PLUS the 'extras' such as restaurant meals, eating out at lunch and general snacks, and you will find that this is NOT expensive but probably cheaper. It certainly was for me. On my previous DIEt, where I was buying fresh veggies, fruit, lean proteins (like boneless, skinless chicken breast, turkey, fish), etc. I was spending about $110 every two weeks on food alone.

I must forcefully say that this is NOT a miracle cure or miracle DIEt or anything of the sort. This is a program that WILL work if you work with it. I, personally, have lost 33lbs since June 29th and that's with a 2 week break.

There will always be people out there who want to sabotage you - out of jealousy, out of spite, out of ignorance and out of sheer stubborness because they don't believe in this type of program. But I say pffffft! If it's safe (the supplements can be used by children AND for the rest of your life if you want), healthy and it WORKS, then what's so darn wrong with it? Of COURSE you can gain the weight back. BUT!!! You can follow any program you want - Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Zone, Cabbage Soup, Slim Fast, et. al. ad nauseum, but if you go back to eating the way you once did to get overweight in the first place, the weight will come back regardless of the plan.

I should also note that they do offer products for those with diabetes, the heart conscious, seniors and a kids' plan.

I honestly hope this has been helpful to you. I would honestly never suggest anything that I didn't believe in and I believe in this with my whole heart. I just wish I'd heard of it years ago. Better late than never.

I wish you the very best of luck and success with whatever plan you choose to follow.

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