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Angry Tuesday, June 5th

I am hoping for one of reasonable, sensible eating. I can only take one meal at a time. I hope to thwart off the binge type behavior that calls my name in the evening!!! So that is my goal for today..sounds easy Huh?

Off to run errands with my Mom and pick up some stuff for the kidlets. I am looking to get some type of wood thing to use as a border for my garden!

so what have you planned for today...and is this type of thing good to do here?

have a good one!
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Default I'm doing better

I made it pretty good last night. I ended up eating some Baked Lays before I went to bed. Today has really been a struggle I waiting for lunch but I've had a few pieces of candy and three fig newtons. I'm doing better because usually I would have already been to the vending machine for some chocolate cake.

I'm trying to take it one day at a time, one meal at a time.
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Hi everyone:

I hope you are all having a good day!
I am in a period of just "observing" my eating. I find if I try "too hard" to either not diet, or not binge, my eating gets more "disordered". So, right now, I'm just going with the flow, observing myself. If I find myself overeating, or eating when I'm not hungry, I try to figure out what I'm numbing, avoiding, or whatever.....
I do know I am SICK of dieting!! I just can't and won't do it anymore!
Sure, I'd like to lose a substantial amt. of weight, but I know dieting will not work for me. So, I'm just observing right now....
anyway, have a good day, everyone!

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I love gardening! Have a great time with it! My latest project is an herb garden. I'm making my own stepping stones for it. It takes time but is a lot of fun.


Good for you. At this point dieting isn't a good thing for me either. I ask myself constantly, "Am I hungry?" " What do I want to eat?" "What should I eat?" then I combine the want w/ the good and it usually makes a healthy, good meal. If I'm not hungry but want to eat, I find something else to do for a while, like come on this site or work on a hobby, or clean .


Keep up the good work. Healthy snacks are a big improvement over unhealthy ones.

See ya'll in the funny papers.

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