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Default keep yoyoing bc of binging, help

So for the last 3 months or so, i've been losing & gaining the same 6lbs over and over again. like i'll diet for 2 weeks, lose a few pounds, then overreat and binge for a week, and have to start everything over again. i'm so done with it like it's so frustrating and demotivating, and no matter what i do it always repeats.

not sure why it happens, but it might be to do w the number of cals i eat maybe? i usually eat between 800 & 1100 because i have a tdee of 1300-1400 litterally (no ed, it's really that low) and i'm too lazy to workout so i kinda have to go that low. but i mean idk, i feel full and satisfied and don't get cravings eating like that. plus the binging isn't hunger related either, it's hard to pinpoint fully why i do it but it's not that

i think it's just partially me like letting myself eat in bigger portions or foods i can't eat cos their too high cal and then not being able to stop after & boredom and emotional eating (like if i overreat one day i feel really depressed, so i'll be more likely to continue eating to feel better?), plus other stuff but idk why fully. I also mainly live off cookies & diet soda so i mean that might be part why lol. if i had more good low cal stuff laying around would prob be easier

so anyways why do you think this always happens? and what do y'all think i should do?
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