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Default Please help me find a reliable scale!

Hi! I have had the same digital scale for over 10 years and I just cannot stand it! It only takes 1 accurate reading...if you don't stand on it just so, sorry don't get to weigh today. It may fluctuate several pounds just in one minute. You might go pee and come back to discover you gained 2 lbs. You have to have it on just the right square, have your toes on just the right's just way too much work. I want a scale I can just plop on and get the same weight, no matter where my feet are or if I am holding my breath or some other nonsense!

So...I'd would love your recommendations for affordable scales that will not make me pull my hair out! And if you have a scale you hate, tell me that, too and I will run for the hills. Mine is a Taylor bought from walmart probably 10 years ago.
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I've had this one for 5 years. It's been fantastic for all of us- from kids who are under 30 lbs to people who are over 300 (eatsmart precision on Amazon if you don't want to click the link)
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I have the Aria by fitbit and I absolutely love it because it syncs all the information to my phone so I don't have to keep track of it ever! And it syncs with your fitbit etc.

It's a little pricey but to me the extras in the scale were worth it.
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Thank you both! I actually wanted an Aria b/c I have a fitbit but I looked on eBay and there were so many for "spare parts" and the reviews stated people had problems with them quitting on them. I am scared about the money, too

I did get the Eat Smart Precision one- thank you for the rec!
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I've had a Fitbit Aria for over 2 years now without any problems... BUT my favorite scales are by Tanita and Seca.

Seca is a German company that makes medical grade scales... They are extremely accurate... I have two of them... one digital and one mechanical and I love both them... the mechanical one just looks so cool to me... I mean it really is a design masterpiece as far as I'm concerned... And the digital one is the most accurate scale I've ever owned... PERIOD.

I really just can't say enough good things about Seca.

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I have an Aria as well and like that it syncs. I can look at any date in the past year or so (well as long as I have had it) and it shows me my weight. Just one less thing to track myself...
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