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Default first binge since I started :(

But the good news is it wasn't as bad of a binge as I used to have... I ate a medium sized bowl of pasta with olive oil and parmesan cheese and then 4 chocolate chip cookies and 3 mini dove ice cream bars. My body is punishing me enough, I have a stomach ache and feel kind of nauseous, so I'm trying not to kick myself too much.

I'm a little worried that this will slow down my progress but what's done is done, and all I can do now is get back on track. Just because I had a couple of cookies doesn't mean I have to eat the whole box. It's just really hard now because I've been living with some family members who have SO MUCH junk food in the house. I managed to resist it for a month so I know I have some kind of willpower in me. But I'm really looking forward to moving out in a few weeks... I can't wait to have more control over my environment.

Onward and upward!

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I totally understand.
When I go back home, there's always a bunch of sweets and delicious everything around and it's just hard to resist.
Don't worry about what is done. Like you said, you just have to focus on what's to come. I don't think it will really affect your weight loss other than water retention (remember, one pound is 3500 calories). So maybe skip a couple of weigh ins (if you weigh yourself daily) and keep going
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so don't beat yourself up. there's no changing yesterday, but there's nothing stopping you today.
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We all have slip ups. Don't beat yourself up... use it as motivation to bounce back.

You've done great so far, keep doing what you're doing!
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Get back on plan- 2 days of tightening up will take care of the binge.
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I had a few binging episodes since i started losing weight. It's a problem i'll have to deal with for my whole life, even when it's under control (it is). Losing weight and maintaining a goal weight means that i need to stop that " now that i've already binged i might as well eat like there's no tomorrow and give up" mentality, which is what you are doing right now (going against that mentality). It is such a huge achievement for me to realize that a binging episode doesn't mean everything is over...! Don't beat yourself down, just follow doing what's been working for youand you'll see results in a few days.

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