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Default End of my tether with binging!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum.

I have a problem with binge eating and it's driving me mad. I've tried so many things. The latest was Christopher Fairburn's book 'Overcoming binge eating' but I'm still doing it.

I feel like it's a tension release thing. I will be eating normally for a while, a week or so then I will feel it building. I'll still think at this stage that I won't binge, I 'll have a bit of cake or something one day then the next day maybe something else, then before I know it I've gone out of my way to go to the shop and buy cakes, sweets, etc and I've binged then I feel awful!!

Is there a cure for this? Has anyone solved this problem? Without going to doctor or into programmes as I really can't afford that.

I hope you have some stories to give me hope

Thanks for listening
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Have you tried OA. I went to online meetings and started their step of abstinence to stop my emotional eating. I stopped eating junk in september, i went off a little a few weeks ago but am getting back on track. I have to fight every time i want junk food. But overall its just a realisation that food doesnt change anything. I can feel bad, eat and feel worse, if i feel bad but dont eat thats what changes.
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How long have you been doing this? Have you ever been a normal eater? These kinds of questions are important to ask yourself because it seems to me from being on this site that some people have always had a problem with food whereas others the problem started when they started having body image issues and/or began a diet or started restricting what they ate. This site is good to see what other peoples' habits are. Sometimes though, since everyone is different, online information can actually be harmful and make things worse (as I have been discussing in another thread). If you feel you actually have an eating disorder, it might be helpful to visit some eating disorder sites like where the focus is more on getting the bingeing problem under control, whereas this site is predominantly more geared towards losing weight. It's a little controversial whether it's possible for someone to tackle both these issues at the same time. Good Luck!
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