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Default Boredom binges

I have a serious problem with binge eating just as an activity to fill the time when I have nothing else to do! Bowl after bowl of ice cream, cereal, crackers, candy, for literally hours on end. It's my go-to spare time activity now, just like a habit!

Even when I'm not at all hungry, I will just eat and eat and eat to spend time. The weird thing is, I eat even while I'm doing something else, like reading or walking or browsing the Internet! But somehow those activities are like connected with food in my brain, I guess.

Does anyone else do this or have advice?

Starting next week I will be working part time at least, so that will help fill some of my hours...
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For me it is craving driven. I want very specific things: sugary junk or bready stuff like pizza. They key for me to stop the bingeing is to stop the cravings by sucking it up for a couple days while eating low carb & high fat to get that neeeeeed for sugar out of my system. After that, it's all good, but one little time and it's a downward spiral back into it.
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I used to browse the internet when I binged. But I don't think it's because I was bored that I binged. It always started with an urge and a craving that drove me to the kitchen. I'm perfectly fine without food present while on the computer as long as those cravings for food don't exist.

So about a month a half ago I decided to start eating more at meals and increasing portions sizes, and it has done wonders. I haven't binged in quite a while. *knock on wood*

I believe my body was just plain hungry and bingeing was its way of letting me know that.

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I also eat out of boredom. I am trying to hydrate myself more now and see if I am thirsty instead of hungry. I also have a lot of hobbies which I am trying to engage in, including exercise, rather than mindless eating.

Good luck!
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Wow, thanks guys for the replies! I feel a little bit less alone now, at least...

I can't really tell how much of this is driven by actual cravings for the food and how much is like emotional eating and how much is just plain old habit! Probably a combination of all three, I guess?
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I think a lot of it is a habit. You can break habits. One day at a time. Small victories lead to big results--just keep at it. You can do it.
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I was binge eating a ton before I started trying to lose weight. I would buy a regular size bag of chips and without trying or thinking twice I would eat the entire thing in one sitting. I would do that instead of eating a normal dinner. It has been really hard to stop but I think I kind of have it under some control right now. I know what you are going through. It's hard to break and continue to stop the habit.
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I do lots of art/craft projects: drawing, painting, knitting, sewing, clay, and most recently, jewelry making. But often times NOTHING seems to motivate me, other than stuffing my pie hole.
One thing that helps so much, though it's hard to do, is whistle for my dog and take her out on an hour long walk. It'd a great way to spend time, burns energy, allows me to think, and destroys any urges.

Good luck, and keep looking for fun ways to spend your time
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