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Default totally disgusted.

ive been on a 'diet' for 14 days. I was doing so well. i lost 15 lbs. I felt a binge coming on days ago. but i controlled it. last night was mild, i just ate an extra candy bar by atkins and i felt so bad about that. then today i did the same. i was going to skip working out today because i hurt my leg, but somehow by 8pm i found the courage to do it anyway. i was feeling good feeling great. i usually have dinner after i work out but today i had planned on skipping the work out and already ate. I think that may have been my mistake. i got a granola bar and low fat yogurt and was fine. then around 1130.. i found out my boyfriend is claiming to be single on some dating site and my 4 month old wouldnt stop crying. I just wanted to scream. I instead, turned to food. i had a big turkey sandwich, a bunch of pringles and like 4 atkins bars and a big glass of juice. probably 1300 calories in about 20 mins. that is horrible for someone who already met their calorie count for the day and to add 1300 more? my god. why am i so stupid!!!
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You know what? Its okay. This isn't going to undo all of your hard work! I'm so sorry you are feeling so much guilt, but please try and let some of it go. Focus on what you are going to do tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

Finding out something as devastating as your boyfriend being on a dating site, AND dealing with an upset baby is a lot of stress. Could you relieve some of your guilt by thinking of ways to cope with future stress that doesn't involve food?

That's what always gets me through the guilt after I have an "I blew it" day. Planning for the next time helps me to feel in control.

I don't know how old you are, but I used my age, 26, and calculated your maintenance calories if you work out 4 times per week. They were 2679. I bet since you were OP all day, then had a 1300 binge, you are still just over your maintenance calories for the day. If every other day this week is OP, you will STILL have a significant calorie deficit for the week!
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After a nap, i do feel better. I woke up thinking about what im going to eat tomorrow. and it was my normal grilled chicken, fruits, veggies, and salads that crossed my mind. I honestly do feel like this was a one day thing. Just a minor set back. I havent failed. Failing would be going to get that pizza i havent had in 2 weeks, but nope. I dont want it.
i also woke up wanting to work out wanting to just sweat the stress away. Im going to use that as my motivation. If it wasnt for this stupid hurt leg, i would have definitely told Jillian Michaels where she can go while on my elliptical!
things between my boyfriend havent been good, and him being single on a dating site says they are pretty much over and done with and THAT is my new motivation. to work even harder at meeting my goal of being slim and trim, sexy and fit, even more beautiful than I already am if thats possible! lol

I am 27 and I workout everyday. I only skipped sunday because of my leg. So with that, I guess I am only just a little bit over. tomorrow im going to try to work that out on the elliptical.
thanks LJ
your words really mean alot.
im feeling ALOT BETTER.
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Hang in there. 2600 cals probably won't even show up on the scale. Just try to get back on track tomorrow.

Now for that boyfriend of yours,.,
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So many kinds words..this is wonderful.
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Destyni you are so strong, you can use all these things as motivation to do something good for YOU!
You gave me motivation to stay on my plan tonight. No one is going to put us first apart from ourselves and we deserve it
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YES. You are awesome for picking right back up.

Also, he's a douchebag. I woke up to a message on a dating site yesterday morning from some guy who'd messaged me a few months ago and I never responded (I didn't even remember him until I saw the earlier message in the thread). I clicked to read it, and it was a paragraph saying she was his wife and wanting to know if I'd ever met him or if it went anywhere. Ew. People suck. I'm sorry.

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