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Recovering Sugar Addict
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Exclamation My name is Dani and Im a sugar addict/binge eater...HELP!

I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 year old twins, and I have a lot of stress in my life right now (who doesn't). Im a major stress eater/binge-r. If Im having a bad day I will go and eat an entire box of oreos or a bag of mini snickers all at once. Something just hits me and says I need sugar now or Im going to die and then I cant stop. Sometimes I go until I make myself sick. Ive been doing this for almost a year now. I lost 50lbs for my wedding last December taking me down to 170lbs (thats a lot considering Im only 5'0" tall). I was doing strictly no carbs and on my wedding day when I chowed down on delicious German Noodles and an amazing cake, something hit me like a freight train. My sugar addiction was back on in full force. I haven't been able to stop since. I binge at least 5 out of 7days. Im back up to 218lbs! I havent been this heavy since I was pregnant with my twins! I just dont know what to do anymore. Im currently trying Weight Watchers, but I find fruit not satisfying my sugar cravings so Ill eat a bunch of fruit then eventually give in to the cravings. My husband, kids, and I live with my parents currently and my parents buy some of the food and its definitely not healthy. Ive asked them to lay off buying the junk but they tell me that the whole family shouldnt have to suffer because I cant control myself. My husband is a recovering alcoholic and he compares my sugar addiction to his alcohol addiction, only he has seemed to conquer his. After eating an entire box of oreos last night I was crying and very angry with myself so my husband told me to look at cookies and candy like they are poison and will kill me (technically they are killing me), but today came around and about a half an hour ago I had to have something, so I chose Peanut Butter, I kept eating it and eating it until half the jar was gone, but that wasnt enough, I saw Reese's Peanut Cups from Halloween and I ate 5 of them! My husband lost a lot of weight since he quit drinking (he's down to 160lbs!) and I feel awful that he has to have this ugly fat girl for his wife. I dont know what to do anymore. I dont know how to stop! Ive tried replacing junk with fruits but its not working. I need help!!!! How do I conquer this!?!?!?!?!?!
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HELLO, I'm also a former binger and I agree that it is like an addiction. I've spent a lot of time in prayer and self reflection to help me get this far. I have to keep reminding myself that I am in control of me. I remember feeling like I was almost driven to eat. I thought about eating in the morning and the evening. I ate for any reason or no reason at all. My turn around was when I was laying across the bed sick as a dog because I ate too much.

I am a carb person. However, have you tried replacing your sugars with lower calorie options. I love Skinny Cow candy and ice cream. It really helps when I have a sugar craving. I've also fallen in love with raisins and 100-calorie cookie packs.

I don't have many answers but I'm sending BIG HUGS your way. You can do this!

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Default me toooo

i read your thread to day it was like reading about my self. i do not know what to do either. some days i can control other i fell like i am going to lose it if i do not get sugar. i can have no sugar in anything-then eat some sugar and its like there is going to be no food in an hour.
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Hello -

I wish had some words of wisdom or advice but I just wanted to tell you that it is brave of you to put your story out there and I hope you get help. When I read the binge stories I realize that there are people that struggle with it much more profoundly than I ever realized. I realize it must be a terrible feeling to feel so out of control. The few items I know I will eat uncontrollably I simply don't have around. It sounds like that isn't an option for you.

I hope weight watchers has resources to help you with this. I feel like there is nothing I can say that will help - and not because it is helpless, in fact I know this is something you can conquer because I watch members fight this fight daily on the board, it is just that I am not you. I don't know what is going to be the strength that you need.

I gain a lot from reading these boards and feeling present in this community. Pay attention to the days you resist a binge. Celebrate those moments. Remember the strong feeling not binging. I to like to access positive feelings and memories like those to keep myself on track.

Since you are a stay at home mom maybe try for options that get you out of the house. I am not sure if you are out and busy with your twins a lot or not, but that might be a good diversion.

I think it is great you are here and asking for help. I am looking forward to you figuring out what works for you.
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Oh. One more thing. Do you think the challenges will help you? I do like watching the different challenges that these boards run. Will something like a pledge and public accountability help? I realize you may not be there yet. Hang in there.
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My binging has never been as severe as yours, so I haven't experience the same level of difficulty you have. I'm sorry to hear about how hard it is for you, though. I do know that it's incredibly, incredibly hard to control sugar cravings, as I have the same problem. I love sugar and dessert foods. I'm struggling a bit right now, but from past experiences I can tell you that cutting sugar completely helps a lot (as you probably know from your previous weight loss experience). The real problem is actually cutting those foods and not looking back.

What your binging might come down to is something emotional or psychological, and I don't have any experience in that field. You say that you're a stress eater, so try to find something else that helps you deal with the stress that isn't eating. Try to not think about food when you're stressed (easier said than done, right?). Distract yourself. Tell yourself NO when you feel a binge or craving coming on. Don't tell yourself that you're trying to lose weight - tell yourself that you ARE in the process of losing weight. It's a more positive mindset. Personal reflection is also really helpful in figuring out why you turn to food and how to stop. You binge when you're stressed, but doesn't binging end up making you more stressed? It's a vicious cycle.

I know that it's easier said than done, and I'm struggling with it now, but I've found in the past that the simplest and best way to stop binging is to be able to tell yourself NO and to follow through. You'll tell yourself NO and then become frustrated, but just remember that you CAN do this and that it WILL be worth it.
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I can relate to what you're experiencing. Unfortunately, the "Skinny Cow" type substitutes don't work for me. I'll binge on them as easily as Ben and Jerry's. Ultimately for me, I have to come to terms that it's easier not to start than it is to stop once I get going on. The best advice I can offer is that when the stress comes, do something else. Go for a walk, plug in to your iPod and dance, anything to stay out of the kitchen and away from the sugar foods. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by KylieH View Post
Ultimately for me, I have to come to terms that it's easier not to start than it is to stop once I get going on.
This is so true. It's my main problem as well. That's why it's best for anyone who has the same problem not to indulge in any problem/trigger foods, as hard as that is.
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I completely understand how you feel. My weight has zoomed up and down with me feeling helpless no matter what the scale said. I am rebounding again with what feels like the hundredth time. Saying no to the bad trigger foods again. It's best just not to start in the first place and finding good substitute foods. Sending you hugs.
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Playing to Lose
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Everyone has given you such great advice and encouragement so I won't add much there but I will say this --

Please don't compare your husband's addiction to alcohol to your addiction to food/sugar. People do not need alcohol to live whereas we still MUST eat. We are forced to face our addictions every day or we will die. If your husband was forced to take a shot of vodka everyday in order to keep breathing then his alcoholism would likely come back in full force in a short time. Know what I mean? And realistically, we cannot avoid sugar all the time. We just can't. So when a little bit enters our system it triggers us to wanting more and more. That is when our willpower needs to kick in. And yes, maybe your husband has a little more willpower but everyone finds a way to get it at their own pace.

Don't beat yourself up. It sounds like there may not be a whole heck of a lot of support for you but you had found a way once to lose all that weight and YOU WILL find your way again!

And maybe it is about having a goal such as your wedding. That motivated you to lose weight. Maybe you can plan something else such as a trip to the beach next summer? Keep your eye on the prize??

Keep the faith -- and find that willpower!
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I so admire your courage to post such honesty! I am fighting that struggle as well and my binges have been as frequent as yours also. A friend of mine recommended me attend Overeaters Anonymous and the last few weeks since I have has made a huge difference! It helps give you the tools to stop eating compulsively. Good luck to you!

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I feel your pain. When I binge I eat until I'm sick, too.
While I agree with the person who said food addiction isn't exactly like alcoholism, it does have similar components.

While you can't get rid of all food (obviously) there's no reason to have all that candy and oreos laying around. I hate it for you that your family isn't being more supportive of you. Have you tried having a family meeting and explaining the full extent your problem?

Do they keep a stockpile of liquor around even though your husband is a recovering alcoholic? I hope not. They should do the same for you. If they absolutely must have junk, they should keep it locked up or separated for your sake.

ETA: The thread "Family won't get rid of junk food" that's on this page has a lot of good advice as well. I like one post in particular, they suggested that the OP clear a shelf or cabinet, and a section of the fridge for healthier options, so that you have your own sections of the kitchen.

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