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Default Help! I'm trying to talk myself out of eating.

I know that I don't need to, but I can't stop thinking about eating. I think maybe it's because I know that I shouldn't. I'm not sure. I need some sort of mechanism for dealing with these feelings so I don't go on a binge. Help!
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just do it!
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Occupy yourself with something else. Go for a walk or to the gym. Pop in a workout dvd. Balance your checkbook. Anything else. You'll simply feel awful if you binge. Your stomach will be overfull and aching. You'll wish you had never eaten all that food. Have a normal, fulfilling, nutritious meal instead.
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This is tough! Can you try focusing on something else? Go for a walk, read a book, call a friend, look through the goal photo albumn here.
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just do it!
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Here's another one to occupy your mind - set some goals and think about WHY you want to change your life and lose weight. Don't just say "I want to get healthier". What does healthy look like? What will you do as a healthy person that you can't do now? WHY do you want to be healthy? I guarantee you that there isn't anyone out there who would say that binges are part of their desired healthy lifestyle. Re-focus on what you want to achieve and the desires to do things that will hold you back from achieving that will eventually disappear.
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Started IP April 27, 2011
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Chew some gum or suck on some type of sugar free candy that you can have. Drink some flavored water, or do like you did go to the computer and write something. Start keeping yourself a journal and everytime you feel like eating write in it. Write the way you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. Talk to yourself in your journal, tell yourself you don't need to eat that junk stuff because it will make you feel like crap and make you sick. I helped a friend out telling her to write in a journal to herself and she said it really helped her not eat. Its just a suggestion it may not work for you but its worth a try.
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^^ Lots of good suggestions! What works for me is... drinking water, chewing gum, taking 30-60 seconds to think about my next big goal (right now, it's comfortably fitting into a bridesmaid dress by July), doing a non-eating activity (for me TV = snacking, but computer/internet or reading a book doesn't, so I design my activities to avoid munching). I've started jogging more too - I can't jog if I'm full of food, makes me sick - so I regularly avoid a big afternoon snack if I'm planning on running that day. Seems to work out. The "hungry" feeling always goes away within 30-60 minutes. Then I'm back to normal. PLUS, I have screwed up MANY times. I think that's part of the process so that I know the negative consequences and try to avoid them more now. I'm not saying go ahead and binge so you can learn from it, but remember that this is a process that you learn from... good luck!
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Love me.
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You need to differentiate between emotional hunger and actual hunger. Then make a decision based on that. No amount of food will satiate emotional hunger. If that's the case, then I would distract myself with some errand, chore, or project.

Good luck!
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In those cases, I find the easiest is to start something that requires your full attention and concentration.
If you have any hobbies like drawing, or writing...Or some tax returns to deal with..

Sometimes I use online games, they distract you and since they are fast paced you can't look away and think about eating.

Hope it helps.
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Do your nails. I have gorgeous nails now. lol
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Staying the Same
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Go to bed, take a bath, drink so much water you feel sick.
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I completely understand, that is why I came on here to find some tips to distract myself! Also, what helps me is grabbing a huge glass of water and going away from the kitchen! Hope you resist the urge!!
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