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Default What do you do the day after a binge?

Yesterday I had a pretty crappy day, emotionally and food-wise. It was the end of the year party for my students at school, so there was pizza, cookies, and all kinds of other treats. I started out good only eating two small slices of cheese pizza and skipping the cookies. When the party was over, we had four pizzas left over and a bunch of cookies. I tried to send it home with others, and managed to give two of the pizzas away. When I got home, I ate more pizza (and didn't count so I don't know how much) and cookies. I knew that it was a bad idea as I was doing it, but I didn't stop.

This is about the same time that I gave up on my weight loss last year. I lost about 12-15 lbs, and then I hit a plateau and gave up. I don't want the same thing to happen this year. I am determined to get back on plan today. I left the pizza out last night, so I wouldn't be tempted to eat it today before I throw it out.

My question is this: What do you do the day after a binge? Do you eat on your regular plan, or restrict your calories more? I usually eat around 1500-1700 calories, but I was thinking of trying for 1200 today just to get back on track. It probably wouldn't even make any sort of difference, but I kinda want to eat less as a self imposed consequence for over eating the day before. Maybe it would teach me that if I binge one day, the next day I have to suffer the consequence of eating a lot less. Does that even make sense?

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I put it behind me and move on. Get right back on plan and don't beat myself up over it.
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When things were bad I used to over restrict and over exercise the next day after a binge, which would just lead to another.

I agree with bargoo. The best thing you can do is eat your normal calories and decide that you are going to treat your body well and not binge that day. Restricting the next day is not the ideal. It will just continue a cycle. Be nice to your body, it's the only one you've got!

Don't give up. I know you can do this!
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Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
I put it behind me and move on. Get right back on plan and don't beat myself up over it.

Yep! Best thing to do!!

Just pick yourself up, and move forward.


"If We Are Facing In The Right Direction, All We Have To Do Is Keep On Walking"
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Originally Posted by Coconut View Post
Restricting the next day is not the ideal. It will just continue a cycle.
You got that right! I've fallen into this cycle myself but not after a binge but simply eating 1700 calories one day (over only 400 from my usual) and restricting the next. And that next day was only 900 calories. Not good. I'm slowly but surely getting out of this vicious cycle tho thankfully.

And I agree too with the above -- forgive yourself and move on from it. Next time you'll know NOT to bring home the left over pizza. Keep going. You are doing so great!!

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I usually cut back on calories a little...nothing too drastic, but maybe about 200-300 calories less for a few days. It helps me mentally. I drink lots and lots of water and I avoid the scale for a week (I normally weigh in daily). Most importantly, I ask myself why I did it and what I could have done differently...instead....things like this will most definitely come up again. Maybe next time, you could have some gum after you eat what you planned? Maybe you could decide that from now on, if nobody wants leftovers, you just throw them away immediately? I know that sounds wasteful, but that's still better than having the temptation right there. I'm so glad you're not throwing in the towel! Pick yourself up and move on!
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I get upset with myself but then tell myself there is always tommorow and that I need to get back on track. I try to reflect back on the weight I loss so far to get me back on track and I definatly do not get on the scale for a few days or I will end up binging more.
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I eat less at breakfast but normal the rest of the day. However i do try to eat "clean" (no sugar or processed food) for the day so i can give my body a break from the junk.
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I try to judge my hunger. The one thing I don't do is punish myself. After a midday binge, if I'm hungry I eat what was planned, if is was a ridiculous binge and I still feel full or sick by the next meal then I pass it up. I also don't punish myself the next day(s) I just get back on plan.
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I usually get back on plan the next meal after a binge. I can't deny that I don't try and restrict, though. It's never super strict, though. I like food too much.

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I drink extra water because usually I am dehydrated the morning after. As for food, I don't eat unless I feel hungry, but I also don't set calorie goals or any punitive restrictions on the day. I find that often, if I had a big binge the night before, I will naturally gravitate toward clean and light food the next day.
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Typically, I over-restrict and then end up binging again the next day. Not good. Now, I am trying to focus on drinking LOTS of water the day after a binge now and getting a good cardio workout in.
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I don't think 1200 calories in the day is over restricting. I eat 1200 calories a day several days a week. Now, 500 yeah that wouldn't be good, but 1200 is plenty of food if you choose wisely.

If I binge, I get back on track ASAP and try not to dwell on the past. That is the single most wonderful thing I learned at 3FC and probably the reason I keep coming back well into maintaince...that one slip up is not the end. It is no reason to throw in the towel and start "Monday" or the 1st of the month, or "News Years". Messing up means to work hard the very next meal.
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I drink a TON of water, but other than that, I don't do anything different. Be kind and don't beat yourself up- I know for me, restricting more the day after a binge has never worked because it ends up making me more frustrated.
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Thanks for the advice guys. I ended up eating a little under my calories for the day, but only because I was having some stomach troubles yesterday. I feel good about today. I'm going to a birthday party, but I really am not a cake person so I'm not too worried.
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