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Default Binge Free Challenge: 2.7.11 - 2.13.11

Welcome to the binge-free challenge!! You can come in here and post your weekly successes and struggles and keep track of your binge-free days. You can also vent about anything and everything you feel like getting out. We are here to share our feelings and to encourage and inspire each other. No negativity! We are strong chicks and I KNOW we all can do this!! And we don't have to do it alone, we have each other to get us through the rough times.

ALL chicks are welcome -- no one is excluded! If you are trying to lose weight, not trying, maintaining, recovering from an eating disorder, in the midst of one, or have ANY kind of problem with food, we would love to have you join us!! Please do not hesitate to post your feelings. Jump right in head first!!! We WILL catch you!
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I'm in ladies! Lets have a good week!
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Count me in!
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I'm in!
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i'm in!!! (:i'm new, hello every one
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I'm in too! I love this idea. Here's to a binge-free week
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Count me in! And need to back away from the sweets asap!
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Day 23 completed! I am feeling pretty set to have a successful week: I took the time to prepare my lunches and plan all of my meals.

Good luck everyone!
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hello ladies! just got back from a super bowl party where my eating was out of control, so i really need to get back on track. we can do this!
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day 24 and just got my ticker
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i'm back... today is day 6... but in 6 days the scale has not dropped and i am facing a weigh in with my trainer tonight and i am going to be over 180lbs which is really sad for me... i would prefer to be at the bottom of the 170s instead but cannot seem to get these pounds to drop off ... of course, last tues binge was about 2000cal of chocolate bars so i am not sure what i expected...

anyone taking fish oil capsules? i read a lot of stuff that says if you eat the 'right fats' you will lose weight even if you don't change your eating/routine... and my eating is really good right now so i am hoping it will help...

my exhusband appears to be in crisis with his gf of 2+years... which means his visits with my kids might be affected which is not sitting well with me... so i have a lot on my work is busy and things are 'progressing' with my bf in "mostly" good ways... but still it is stressful... at least things with my oldest are settling down at school and homework is going better and my youngest is getting more independant so... i am trying to focus on the positive

i see a lot of people had blow-out parties yesterday for the superbowl... that was yesterday, today is a new day. lets move forward and purge our bodies of crappy fuel...together...

missed you ladies.... not sure if i am going to count days or not but i am here... for support and to support....
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Good Morning All!!!

So many new people! I am so glad to see you all. Welcome aboard!

Kim: I am glad to see you! Unfortunately, I had a major computer malfunction happen and I lost all of your email addresses. Let's get back in touch. Sounds like things in your life are at an interesting pace. Whew! Mine too, girl....mine too! LOL

I forgot to post it yesterday, girls but yesterday was the big 120 days for me!! It's hard to believe that it's been 4 months! I still look at things as one day at a time. I'm very thankful for this forum and all of you wonderful people in it. (missing Tyla and her willpower dust right now. )

So today is Day 121. Fight on, troops! We're stronger than food!
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Beginning of week 2 so day 8, thankfully still giong strong. Had some very tough moments over the weekend but I dealt with them by talking myself out of bingeing, as well as eating "healthier" and/or less caloric substitutes.
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4 bowls of breakfast cereal into my morning - needless to say I'm not starting the week off very well. Coming off of a weekend of binging essentially - Not that I was necessarily out of control, just wasn't at all mindful of my eating and really couldn't tell you what I had for my meals - know that last night was a bunch of unhealthiness - Just will commit to not binge eat for the rest of the day and hopefully my 4 bowls of kashi cereal (fiber & protein) will last me to dinner. Tomorrow will be Day 1.
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ending 7+ years of yoyo
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I've been struggling with some very unhealthy eating behaviors. Maybe not full-on binging but definitely mindless (or even worse - mindfully self-sabotaging). It feels horrible.
Step 1 - Planning all meals. Check.
Step 2 - Rid the house of all the junk. Semi-check.
Step 3 - Get back into an exercise routine. Semi-check.

Day 1 in progress. Good luck to all of us!
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