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Default Dreaming about food & numbing out

I used to wake in the night and eat...usually bowls of cereal. But I've been (trying) not to do that, even if I'm hungry (though I'm not sure if I'm hungry or if I just feel the urge to eat, actually).

I've noticed that I've been dreaming about food lately. I won't go into the details - don't want to trigger anyone - but their graphic and delicious and annoying. I wake up craving the things I dreamt about and feeling fatter than ever.

I'm also finding that I'm saving my Weight Watchers points for the evenings so I can create the illusion of a binge without going over my points. Iím not sure what to do about that. Iím fully aware that every time I start a weight loss plan it triggers my bingingÖI feel restricted so I binge. So part of me feels that Iím at least finding a way to manage that by eating within my points range. But itís still not managing the real problem Ė the need to numb out. Ideas? Suggestions? Guess thereís something else to talk about in therapy.
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This might help, or.... it might do the complete opposite!

If there's something that I absolutely must have, I've discovered that making my boyfriend get it and eat it, while allowing myself a single bite or two, is enough to satisfy my craving.

Another option, if you're eating for the sake of eating, could be to find some low to no calorie option. For example, my binging food are pickles lots of sodium, sure, but hardly any calories (and soooooo delicious!) Keeping fruit around for when you have the munchies has also worked for me. I've practically been inhaling apples.

And then, if you really want something specific, it's always possible to find or create a healthy alternative to cook up. Like, when I really want some fried rice, I'll cook up some brown rice, and fry that up with shrimp and egg (with a bit of spelnda in the eggs) and corn and some veggies. If you're creative with it, you can usually recreate what you want, but healthified!
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I also have my biggest meal at night--partially because I'm not as hungry during the day, but also because I like to have that full feeling at night. I'm still eating sensible food--at least half my plate is filled up with veggies, then I'll have a protein (usually some time of seafood or fish) and a whole grain.

For me, saving more of my calories helps me to not binge. If I know I have a nice meal coming at night, I don't feel as out of control, and if I do, I can usually resist the urge. I even try to eat as late as possible (though too late, of course, generally between 7:30 and 8:30) so that I'm not tempted to eat after dinner.

I know that these meals are not binges. Yet, I can see your concern. I feel though that, for me at least (I know how subjective these things can be!) saving more calories for night time helps keep the bingeing in check. If I were to eat more in the morning, I would feel that I have less control thoughout the day.

I hope this makes sense!
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