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Default urge to binge ever present

So last night at work was the first time in about a month that I wound up bingeing on something. I was so frickin tired and sort of bored which when those 2 things are in combination, I have a tendency to eat everything in front of me. It would've been fine if there was nothing in the lounge TO eat because I wouldn't have gone to the vending machine or anything. But there was a big hunking piece of bread left over from the take out my coworkers ordered, which I ate. And then someone during the day shift had brought in a loaf of some kind of special bread with cinnamon and pieces of fruit and nuts baked within it. I proceeded to finish off the loaf which was about 6 pieces. So I don't know what was with me and the bread last night but needless to say I'm feeling a bit irritated with myself today. I absolutely hate that feeling of losing control....

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Just forget it and move on... if you ever feel the urge to binge again, try really hard to remember the feelings you feel after you binged the last time... and wait one hour and drink some water before you even consider eating.
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Been there....for me its always stress.I have been a reading a great blog lately called inspirational young lady dealing with the emotions related to recent death of her mom.For me it help to heal others who deal with the same emotional overeating as me.
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It happens to everyone, but like happeningf said... forget it and move on. I often binge, especially on carbs, when I'm stressed. It feels like stress gives me an excuse to make my stomach feel better... but if I just think about the last time I was not able to control myself I usually can stop myself. The best thing to do is to distract yourself with some activity
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Trying so hard....
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I know how you feel, out of control. That is a very scary feeling. You are not alone.
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I know the feeling. Just eat every 2-3 hours and snack with lots of water. That tends to keep the worst of my urges off.
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I hate it when I binge I usually just am bored and finally give into what ever food I see in front of me even if it's something I really don't like to eat I will just eat it anyways and I hate it so much when I do that and figure out the next day that would of been so easy if I just walked away but atm something drove me to just eat it even though I knew what consequences were to come
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The other night I had such an urge: I wasn't feeling tired or stressed, I just felt like I really missed having that feeling I get when I am eating something that tastes good, and lots of it.

Usually I do stress eat, so this was kind of scary that the urge occured in and of itself.
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