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Default I hate life

I just need to scream everythngs sh*t i'm so angry today my friends over and she keeps saying owww what are you eating like she wants me to cheat we went shopping yesterday and while i've been loosing weight i enjoy it. But yesterday i didnt seem to fit into any of the clothes almost embarrisingly got a dress stuck and i just looked fat in everything! I've been on this healthy living situation since feburary but still manage to be a fat cow and i only allow myself 2 main meals a day with fruit for snacks and cups of tea and they still make me feel guilty tooo much sugar. I'm also type 1 diabetic and had a hypo yesterday an mum had to force me too eat chocolate or you know i'd end up in a coma. I also suffer depression and anxiety and i hate it all earlier this year i tried to commit suicide and thats why i knew i had to sort it out and i know i have done well but today arggggghhhhhhhhhhh. I also tried to stick up for my other friends boyfriend situation because he's messing her around and i started shouting at him today and everyone allways says i'm aggresive and angry i am i know but sometimes i just want someone to hug me and stick up for me and tell me i'm ok. ohhh i'm sorry i'm sure no-one wants to read this i just needed to let it out sorry.
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Thumbs up

Hi chudge - Just sending you warm hugs and my best supporting thoughts while I see you're still logged on.

Hang in there

If I had a thing to give you,
I would tell you one more time
That the world is always turning
Toward the morning.
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Maintaining :)
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Stop, breathe, have a cup of tea. Bill is right - this feeling will pass.

Given your emotional history, do you have a therapist or counselor you can talk to? Might be a good time to schedule a visit.

You WILL be OK. You will be in my prayers today.
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Steps on this journey...
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Sometimes you just need to let it out and know that someone is listening
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Want me to take a plane over to England to kick some butt for you? I'll do it! I got your back!!
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Sometimes life is sh*t but it almost always passes and things seem so much brighter when you come out the other side.

Take a deep breath and then take a step back from the situation - ask yourself why you are getting so upset about it. Remember we can control our reactions to situations - we have a choice - no one can make us angry without our permission. When I get myself upset like you are now, I like to run myself a nice bath and lie in it and relax with some candles and soothing music - you might find this helps you too. Pampering myself a bit always makes me feel better.

I agree some form of counselling support would probably help you. Please think about arranging something like that.

And keep in mind that not everything is bad - from your stats you are doing so well with your weight loss - very well done you!

Tomorrow is another day - act to ensure it's a better one for you.
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I think that clothes shopping sends many of us into a bad mood. I must have picked up 25 things to try on the other day and I only took home one....oddly enough the one I took I can't fit into. I am going to use it as my measuring tool. Every week I am going to try it on to see how my fat rolls shrink right out of it.

I think the key is to vent like you are when and where you can in safe places...and to hang in there and remember that stresses and problems have a way of working themselves out as long as we are patient and always look for options that are healthier than the problem...

Hang in there....hugs for you.....
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Thanku guys u've made me smile and wow i was angry this morning have calmed down a lot i also sound vaguely schizophrenic now from earlier lol dkneec sounds like a plan that comment made me smile in a dr. evil way i love this site everyone's going through this stuff and helps me to scream and not feel like i'm the only person trying not to be fat seen as everyone else can eat whatever they want an all weigh 100lbs!!! cheers lovelies xx
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