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Default Ignoring temptation

I have a really hard time simply not eating tasty treats when they're in the house. When it's just me and my husband, he knows not to bring crap into the house, or if he does, he has to keep it hidden very well and not tell me about it. This works pretty good. However, when my mother in law is home (this is her house, she's gone most of the time as a truck driver), I can't really tell her not to bring crap into the house. So there's always a ton of food I shouldn't eat here... granola bars, pop, buttermilk biscuits, candy, etc. When she only shows up for 1 week out of 6, that's okay, it's just one eat of eating bad. But she just quit her job, and so will likely be here for a month or more before finding a new one. This means I can't just give in and get back on track when she leaves (I usually throw out all the bad stuff once she's gone).

I'm really bad at not eating these things... especially when she's encouraging me to help myself. If it were my own mother, I would tell her not to encourage me or bring stuff into the house, but I can't really do that with my mother in law, who I'm trying to stay on good terms with (not easy, we're very different people so I have to be extra nice for us to stay friendly).

Anyone got some words of advice of how not to give in? Or at least make up for when I do?
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It's tough but you just have to tell her no thank you. If she insists just say no really I'm not hungry and walk away.

I mean really that's all you can do.
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I'm curious.
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Maybe you can talk to her about your weight loss goals so that she will be a little more understanding and not offer you food. It will be tough but you can do it!
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You have to tough it out... I know simply saying no thank you might not help, because the food is still there and you do want it at the moment. My mom buys those 100 calorie packs thinking she is helping, but they don't really help because just 1 of them just makes me want more.. I'm trying hard to tough it out though and drink my teas. Stick to it!
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well just have a heart to heart talk with her. Does she know you are trying to lose weight and eat healthy...if she doesn't then you should tell her that way she won't ask her...but if she does know then just say no thanks...simple as that...then once you start refusing stuff from her she will get the mssg and not ask you anymore...if she is encouraging you to eat the crappy stuff just change the subject and/or excuse yourself...go to your room, bathroom, or whatever room and just breathe, relax and look in the mirror and remind yourself where eating those things led you....thats what i do. If i find myself in a situation where i want to eat something greasy, cheese, and sweet i go to my room look at my self in the mirror and look at my fat ***...yes i said it..fat ***...and then i think to myself....that pizza, cookie or pop ain't worth all the hard work i have put into this weight loss journey. I always keep pictures of myself when i was thin around the house, in my room, on the fridge to remind me. Hope that works for ya and keep up the great work.
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