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Unhappy new to this group

I have been reading peoples stories on here for a while and was apprehensive to join for over 3 months....but here I go I was a little bit on the chunky side in high school (155) but not really obese....then I went to college. I met this guy who was abusive (emotionally, and on occasion sexually) and I began to binge to drown out all the things that had were going on. I would eat a gallon of ice cream in one sitting, then skip meals for a day or two. I have now been diagnosed with all I was doing was giving myself a sugar high and knocking myself out for days....very very dangerous.
8 months ago (after being engaged) he cheated on me and I had the courage to leave. I have started to lose weight and feel much better....
Ok so now we are to today, I am going back to college (a different school) in less that 5 months. My biggest concern is living out on my own again without the support of my mother (recovered bulimic, and my hero), and with the stresses of moving. I am afraid I will start binging again....
So the biggest thing I need is advice on the emtional parts of all if this and practical advice on the food healthy snacks, stress releving exercise....all that fun stuff!
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Oh sweetheart, your story really moved me! Congratulations for having the courage to leave him. I'm also at college, a long way from home - and my mum is also kind of my hero, for supporting me through both healthy weight loss and eventually through my long hard recovery from anorexia - and looking back, my behaviour at times to her was appalling. Welcome to the forum.

The things that keep me on target weight right now, neither binging nor starving (mostly) are a few. Firstly - I love my subject. It's stressful right now because this is the last term before my final exams, but I love it anyway. Second - I weigh myself once a week, no more and no less. Third - I talk regularly to my mum and keep in touch with my lovely friends at home - my social life here is nice but I don't have the deep relationships with I do with the people who've known my throughout. This year I also joined my uni gym, which has proved a good stress reliever (yeah, there are pink-lycra glad tall thin beautiful girls who probably have a pony, but I take a book and don't make eye contact). And last but not least - this forum!
Hope some of that helped. See you around the boards xxx
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