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On my way to a better ME!
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Default any one else ticked off?

I am just so mad with myself. I have been doing so well for the better part of a year. Lost about 40 pounds since then and 70ish over the past couple of years. Then just as I'm thinking I'm starting to get control of my life, I completely abandon all that I know is right and starting eating as if I've never seen food. No exercise either...just hadn't felt like it. That was my weekend. I get on the scale this morning to face the truth and I've gained 4 pounds. I don't have the heart at this moment to change my ticker. I am committed to getting back on track, beginning with today. But I just have to say...who was that person that took over my body this weekend? I certainly didn't recognize her.
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Lightbulb What triggered it?

I think every one on here can relate to this. My question is: what was going on preceding this weekend binge? Has something in your life been building up to a head and it just popped right before this? Have you been avoiding dealing with something in your life and this was your last "raspberry" at that problem? Or were you just so sick and tired of all the good things you had been doing that you just needed one "to heck with it" weekend? And, maybe there is no explanation other than "Stuff Happens!"

It is good that you are going to resume your plan as you have been.

Every one will have a slip or even a binge once in awhile. The important thing is to dust yourself off, get back on that proverbial horse and keep moving forward.

That is a sign of a person who will ultimately succeed at this.
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You know, we all have a lttle Dr. Jekell and Mrs. Hyde in us. You had a binge and hopefully got it out of your system. Today is a brand new day, so just get back on track. You'll be fine! =0)
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Ditto Pamatga!

Don't let it go too long. Figure out what you need to do to get excited about your diet again and do it.

Good luck! You have done so well.
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I get ticked off with myself, too. But think of what you've accomplished! Try not to focus so much on your slip-ups and think about all the positive changes you've made.

Easier said than done, I know. But you can do it!
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Cindy: I hate those kinds of weekends too. I've maintained a loss for a couple of years and I'm here to tell you I still have those moments too. They happen. The difference is that now when they happen I do just what you intend to do. Go right back to what I know.

I think that it is also very important to keep the binge in context, not to make it more than it was. I often think that I eat worse than I really did and after a weekend like that I am convinced that my favorite jeans simply will not fit. Then I start to think how comfy my sweatpants are and that will be my choice for the day. It's a slippery slope for me then. That's when I pull out my favorite white dress slacks from the summer and find out just how much damage has been done from the weekend...holidays..or whatever I'm struggling with in my head.

Hang in there, you are doing the right thing by being aware of your actions and how they affect your overall weight but keep it realistic too.
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On my way to a better ME!
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Thank you all so much! Hearing those words of encouragement are very helpful. It's amazing to me how far down you can start to go in your mind if you allow it.

Pamataga: I suppose it was "all of the above". I can't really put my finger on ONE reason.

And yes Lydia I did fear putting on my jeans---KNOWING they would be snug or whatever.

But I am happy to say that I ran 2 1/2 miles today, and my food is in check.

Thanks so much!!!
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