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artsnsmarts -
you are not disgusting. i think its great that you opened up. if you cant tell your BF these things then maybe you could come here and tell us instead? i like to think that i will be able to be open about all of my problems with my (imaginary) BF. but i'm just a singleton so what do i know

not good to teeter b/w being either starved or stuffed...there is a balance....

and so what if you are overwhelmed at the food choices...i am as well. many people are. tough cookies if youre BF cant handle that!!! many times i have just walked away from a grocery store b/c i just wanted to cry and give up.

and who cares if you like plain rice noodles. enjoy them!
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whole foods bakery queen
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i love your resolution. i am with ya girl!!!

others go about their lives enjoying it regardless of what the scale says

penelope -- i have been fightin the binge urges hard core. i just keep realizing how many negative thoughts i have all the f*ing time and how i let them just paralyze me. i literally have to tell myself DO WHAT I LOVE and then i am usually OK.
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Default're not disgusting...lots of ppl feel like that at the shops xxx
and the thing about wanting to either not eat at all or eat everything on the planet? I'm like that whenever I'm depressed. Both are a bad coping mechanism xx
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I just feel fat right now. I feel like I binged today, even though I definitely didn't.
Here's what I'd want to binge on right now:
- peanut butter
- bread
- raisins

actually. come to think about it that's about all that's in the house to binge on. There really isn't anything here for me to pig out on. hm
Thanks goodness.
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Hello everyone,
I am new to this board and thread. I've always been a binger but it has really gotten out of hand recently. I think I'm actually afraid I may lose all of this weight this time and keep it off. I'm a self sabotager yesterday was so freaking hard.

I wanted to binge on:
a jar of peanut butter (reduced fat, honey roasted,natural, any would do)
pan of corn casserole I just made
an entire box of 100 calorie packs (would so be against the point, right?)
grilled chicken strips

I made it through w/o bingeing and the battle begins again today.
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Red face

Hey Chicks.

Big to all.

I haven't been doing well either. Just been binging and feeling awful. I don't go grocery shopping, my DH does, but he is worse than me I think. lol. He brings home junk food that we both do not need.

I think we need a personal shopper. lol. I feel like at times my whole life is just full of clutter, ya know what I mean? Things I need to work on, but keep putting them off. I have no one to motivate me. My DH is great, but as I said, he is I think worse than me when it comes to eating.

You know the thing with BF's, DH's, etc? Is they want to FIX it. And sometimes we just need someone to give us a hug and say, "hey it will be ok." or to take us by the hand and say, "I'm here for you, we'll do this together." But with most men (not all I'm sure) they want to just FIX your problem. Well if it was that easy then we'd all be walking around size Zero's now wouldn't we? lol. So I think at times we just got to come right out and tell them: "Hey I don't want U to fix it. I just need your support right now." At least that Is what I have to do with my DH and he says that most men are clueless and need to be just told what it is we want from them. So there go, I hope that helps. I also get lots of insight from guys because I work with mostly all men at work, and after working 40 hrs with them, they do start to open up and be honest, esp since I am married and considered "safe" I guess. lol. I'm not a girl they are after or anything so they can be honest with me. But I'm no expert by any means.

I need my mom to move here. She isn't moving up here until her lease is up in May. I know she can help me do this. She has many times before, as I've been heavy most of my life (lots of ups and downs). But if I need and want to really lose the weight and ask her to help me, she will. She is *gag* very thin, as is my bio. father. I guess I get my size from my grandmothers.......I swear if my parents would have had another child they would have been rail thin just like

Anywho..........I Dunno. I keep coming to this site, but I feel like a huge failure compared to everybody else. I know we all have our own "demons" to battle and my problems aren't anything huge, just seem like I have this huge mountain to climb and every time I start to climb, I fall back down again, each time in worse shape than I was before........

Well Thats everything. Thanks for listening.

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Thumbs up

To the chicks who wanted the peanut butter, but did not cave in - ! I bought a jar, and finished it in two sittings (Plus, a lot of other stuff)

I have not been doing well with cyber bingeing. It has been very real for a while now.

- I'm glad you posted.

You are not a failure compared to the rest of us. Trust me, we feel your pain.

I share that feeling of being faced with a mountain right now. Maybe I don't have too much weight to lose (5 that isn't on my ticker?), but if I keep going with what I've been doing lately, I could be well on my way to climbing back up the weight train.

Things are so stressful! I am having a hard time coping, but being able to come here and read, and talk to you girls, has helped me so much. Thank you!

I'm sending you all lots of Alone, we might be weak...but together, we are strong!!
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