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Default Been Binging--Sort Of

The other day I got weighed at the doctors and I weigh nearly 30 pounds heavier than I thought I did. I'm five one, weigh 122 and I currently range in size from a 16 kids to 28 mens to a 2-4 ladies. I thought I weighed around 110 or less and finding out that I'm still over 120 was a hard blow. I thought I weighed around 100 or less and everyone I know says I look about that weight.

Anyway I've been psyching myself up to cut my intake (I average 1800 a day and feel ravenous at anything below 1750) and to step up my exercise ( I'm on my feet and moving all day at work and do other evercise as well).

I feel fine and I look okay but I've been so stressed since learning my weight that I've been pigging out on chocolate and beer. I like both items but I can usually keep them under control. But I hate myself; at my current weight. I should weigh 105 pounds.

If this stress level keeps up I'll soon be in the one thirties. AGAIN.

And the thought of that makes me feel desperate.
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Hmm... it kind of sounds to me that you don't actually need to lose weight. If you regularly have people telling you that you look to be around 100-110 lbs, I don't think it's a good idea for you to lose. You sound absolutely tiny - not many adult women fit into girls' sizes! Go by how you look and feel not a number.
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Hey, don't worry and never panick. If you thought you weighed around 110, and you came in around 122, that's nowhere close to 30 lb of a discrepancy! I know you were probably exaggerating, but it's normal for most people to underestimate their weight by 10 lbs. It's not that big of a difference! It'll be okay and you'll be fine . I'm sure many ladies would love to have your weight now. I'm not discouraging you to lose weight, but you don't seem very overweight if you mean.
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