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Default Late Night Eating

so, heres my problem...
I do good all day long and stay on track with my eating but as soon as everyone is in bed i get this uncontrolable urge to eat even when im not hungry. I have been trying hard to break this habbit and have been doing okay, but there are still nights i find myself eating and telling myself to stop and i just dont.
I know other people have this problem too and am just looking for a little bit of advice.
Thanks soo much!
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You sound like me!! The minute the bedroom doors close -- I head for the kitchen!! I've found I either have to tell myself nothing to eat after 7 (works sometimes ) or limit it to a bag of microwave popcorn and that's it -- I do tend to have the butter one to fill my craving but I figure it's better than all the cookies, cereal, etc. I would eat and it takes a long time to finish the whole bag, which I suppliment with lots of water -- my worst nights, I go to bed, which is hard because I work at home at night but I do it anyway. I've also cut sugar/soda out of my diet in the last few days and the first two nights were he_ _ but it's actually getting better!!! Can't wait to hear the replies you get, I could use the help too!!
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This is also a habit I can't seem to break. I, though, will go to sleep and wake up with this urge to eat, I am half asleep and most of the time the only reason I remember doing it is because I have a funny taste in my mouth the next day from the stuff I have eaten. It has even gotten so bad that I will wake up thinking it was only a dream, but it wasn't. I don't know how to stop!
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Me too - in fact I totally blew my day tonight and overate - it was healthy foods - a plate of fat free cottage cheese and fresh melon, a couple of low fat graham crackers, two cheese sticks, a fruit bar - BUT STILL. OMG I totally blew it! I was almost going to make myself throw up, but I get scared that i will choke on my vomit and I am by myself with two small children so there would be no one to check on me. (I know, I'm weird. Please accept this fact LOL) But you know what? It has taken me a long time to develop this habit over eating at night - my whole life, in fact, and it is not going to change in one week. So I just have to be thankful that I didn't oder a bunch greasy fast food or something, you know? I know it is just as bad, but it could have been worse. And I am going to really make my goal tomorrow of no food after supper, not even snacks (because one snack will lead to another snack and so on).
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I have had success with the "no eating after eight o'clock" rule.

I also am able to stay away from the late-night eating when I brush my teeth and floss right after dinner.

If I just can't get the idea of eating out of my head, I chew on a piece of sugarfree gum.

What it boils down to is that we are the only ones who can control what we put in our mouths. I "speak" sternly to myself, like I would to a child (see, Hope, you're not the only strange one!). If I'm really losing it, I'll tell my husband I'm having a hard time resisting XXXX and he'll tell me not to eat it and that helps, too.

Whenever I'm having a hard time, I get on this message board and post something about it, too!

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I have a really hard time falling asleep... I eat at normal times of the day, then in the middle of the night when I can't fall asleep, it's been so long since dinner that the hunger pains become part of what's keeping me awake. A lot of times they are so bad that I have to eat something. This is a problem because about 75% of the time, it's a trigger and I lose control filling up on whatever I can find to give me a feeling of comfort that helps me sleep.

I'm trying to prepare better for these situations and have a snack pretty late at night because I know it will still be several hours before I actually go to bed.
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I have the same problem. I'm good all day, then as soon as 7pm hits I want to eat every thing. Luckily most of the food (especially my favs) are healthy and I eat very light (but not too light) during the day.
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My hungriest time is 6pm onwards, and I have to eat dinner at around 9pm. If I eat dinner at a 'normal' time then I end up eating something extra later on.
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Try chewing some really strong gum, you know the kind that is hot and burns your tongue?

I find I can't eat anything after chewing gum like that because everything tastes funny. It makes me not want to have anything except water!
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i have the same problem.i can eat healthy all day long. but at night (especially when one of fav shows comes on) i just start eating everything in site
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I have had this all my life. I work from 3 to 11 pm and have the same "Well behaved all day, eat all night" thing going. I was hitting the Late Nite Drive Thrus before I even got home!

This week [having gotten some advice from someone here who's at maintenance weight] I'm trying something new for me. I'm moving the times I eat to later in the day.

Breakfast at 10, Lunch at 2, Snack at 5, Dinner at 8. Last night it worked like a charm. I was able to avoid overeating until bedtime [which for me is at 1:30 am]

Another question might be, is the intake during the earlier part of the day TOO stringently limited? So that you're absolutely starving out of control by evening? I was doing that too.

Maybe this'll help someone else.
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