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Default i need stress advice

i binge when i'm stressed, it feels almost impossible for me to stop eating! does anyone have any advice? it seems like i can't find away to distract myself from...well, myself.
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I hear ya!

Journalling helps me sometimes. Or just getting out of the house.
I find watching tv makes things worse...

Maybe getting an ipod set with your favourite music to drown out life for a while as you wander?

Hopefully, someone has a great idea that 'clicks' with you!
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Default hello ladyjai24

Hi Lady,

Bingeing is my biggest problem too.Too kepp myself from bingeing I get stay far away from the kitchen.I go in the livingroom or in my bedroom.I found that having hobbies helps alot.I started reading books.I watch tv also,but beware of food commercials.I suggest if u wanna watch tv,its better to watch a movie.Theres no food commercials to trigger a binge.Also going on 3fatchicks helps a whole lot.

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I'm not sure to tell you about when it's in progress, because I have the same issues but I find that if on a daily basis I try and avoid empty carby type foods and sugars I don't find that binge drive showing up as much. I'm very much triggered by blood sugars Im beginning to understand. I still have syrup in my latte etc, but the milk protein balances it out. Its about finding what works for you. For mean that means high fiber moderate carbs more protein then Im used to and as little junk as possible.
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I can totally relate! I get out of the house and either go to the gym, get on my bike, take the dogs for a walk. Easy in the summer... but in the winter, I usually make some herbal tea, go somewhere in the house where no one can bug me for 10 minutes and relax. Sometimes I read a book as well in a quiet space all alone.

I don't know if you have kids, but if someone can watch them for a 10 minutes "it's all about me" break for yourself, that may help. You deserve it!

Good luck!
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As everyone said...getting out of the house and away from a source of food is a great one. Also, chewing gum helps keep my mouth busy while I do other things...tricks my brain into thinking I'm eating all the time because it's always moving.
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If you feel you need to eat you could have an apple and drink a pint of water, this fills you up, it worked for me in the past when I was losing weight.
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If I'm at home:
-watch a movie so that there won't be any commercial breaks where I feel like I need to go to the kitchen
-get out of the house, go for a drive or a long walk

If I'm at work:
-chew sugarless gum
-take a walk during my lunch break
-come to 3FC
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hey...on really bad days I take it hour by hour. So I'll plan what to do for next hour, eg "Read" or "Walk" or "Messageboard" or "Phone someone", etc..and then I get to the end of the hour, and I choose something else to eat.

Set a time you will next eat, and stick to it. Eating every 2 hours sometimes really helps me, and averts a binge.
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Hey ya'll I think we can all relate to this one! I have to agree with what Ideal said about the carbs/sugars. I've found that when I eat empty carbs, I want empty carbs more and binge more. I also stress more when I am eating lots of sugars (don't know if they are related or not) so I would definitely recommend limiting empty carbs. From there on, I think it is about habits. I used to be in the habit of thinking I HAD to eat when I was stressed and then I would binge. But habits can be changed any day if you want to. So, for me, I realized that the habit was an excuse to eat, not any biological need and I found something else to do that takes the place of the food. For each of us, it is different but I really like what you said about hour by hour. Whatever works for you, I suggest doing everytime so that it becomes your new habit. Like for me, now when I'm stressed I dink water. That's something that is easily available at most times / places and something that I can do pretty much anywhere, so now it is my habit.

Sorry to ramble and I hope this helps. Just being aware that you are doing it is definitely going to help, I think
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