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Default Can i feed you?

i don't know whether this is a side effect of my ED, or if it's something else and i was wondering if anyone else does this.

When i go on a diet...a real strict one..i start increasing my need to feed other people. My husband gets most of it, but frankly i'll feed anyone i know. i want to be around the food. Cooking, smelling it...and then heap it all on someone else's plate. it's like...i may not be able to enjoy it right now, but others definatelly should.

So, am i the only one?
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it's funny that u mention it..
since i started dieting..
i'm constantly watching.. cooking shows on t.v.
baking cakes.. give them to my husband or my parents..
I also give my baby more food as usual( but she needs it.. cause she's too skinny)
I don't know why this is... maybe cause i'm not having it.. someone else should.
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I think that is b/c part of food addiction is the entire process, not just the consumption but the preparation as well. I say this as I am fully aware that I am an addict.
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Yes, indeed.
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Me too! I am seriously over-feeding my boyfriend. If there are cookies in the cabinet that I get a craving for, I make him eat them. At dinner I make him eat 4 tacos because I made the food for he and my daughter, and I don't want to eat any of it myself just for fear of it going to waste. (Don't worry, I don't over-feed my little girl. ) It's okay though, he's a tiny little skinny thing at 120 pounds and my height.

I also watch Food Network a lot now, whereas I never used to have any interest in it. I know I'm addicted to food because I think about it all the time, even though I'm not eating much of it anymore.
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