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Default Does anyone else just want to scream???

Ok. I've posted here for a while and my story is probably very similar to many others. gained weight - lost weight - gained weight - lost weight....most people here have been on the roller coaster and i've been on it since i was 12!!

The thing is, with me - I know that in my family we gain weight soooo easy it's not even funny. NO joke - If i were to eat junk food for an entire week and NOT eat the healthy way I've taught myself to - I could honest to god - not exaggerating - gain 10 pounds in one week. It truly is that easy. I know in college - I went to college at about 150 and within FOUR months I was back up to 200 that's 50 pounds in FOUR MONTHS!!!! Then i added 20 on top of that (topping out at 220) - then I joined weight watchers, learned out to eat right, exercise, etc..etc...lost 60 pounds...have so far gained back 25 of those 60 (over 2 years) granted I know that's not the full 60 - but I know if I don't eat on a "plan" I gain weight back rediculously easily.

And I watch TV shows, news, etc...that have people on and they teach them that they need to do ABC to lose weight...and i DO ABC as my natural every day eating plan already - yet if I "splurge" even ONCE a week I swear I gain weight. And I am SO sick and tired of following an actual "plan" yet if I don't - I can't lose weight. I mean, granted, I know what to do yeah...but the thing is it's not a "structure" and so I allow myself one or two things here or there I wouldn't on a structure (ie chocolate or something such as).

I know I'm not "fat"...I'm 5'8 and 185 and I'm more muscular than chubby - and I know my bf - love him dearly - LOVES my body but I do not. And it's just so frustrating that I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok. just needed to get that out. gotta get to work now. Thanks.
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LOL you just wrote my life story. I was married to a naturally slender person and I swear that I would eat a salad he would binge on an entire quart of ice cream and I would gain his weight.

Yes I want to scream -- but I guess just taking control and not allowing our bodies to rule us will help.

Thanks for the scream and the realization that there is someone just like me.

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I know what you mean - it can just seem SO unfair sometimes. I have a best friend whose metabolism is ridiculously high. We spend all day together and he'll eat at least twice as much as I do - every meal - not to mention random piles of junk food - while Im being 100% healthy. and yet I'll still be the overweight one while his body is perfectly normal. I know it can be different for guys, and that they do tend to eat more, but it just seems so unfair! he never does any kind of conscious exercise, nothing, while if I do want to stay par i have to go out just about every day.

So I hear you! just keep your head up and remember that the healthy ways you're living are paying off in ways other than weight, so you're going to be better off any way. we just have to live with the hand we're dealt, I guess!
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What's scary is I envy my "old" metabolism. I've always had disordered eating. My hunger signals just do not work like most people's, as I always felt starved even after my stomache was full, and I just seem to have no stop signal whatsoever (lower carb eating, I recently found, helps me tremendously. There still doesn't seem to be a stop, "satisfied" signal, but it mutes the start and keep going "hunger" signals tremendously, so I can stop when I want to instead of when my stomache is overfull).

Still, if I ate in my 20's what I'm eating now, I would have lost 8 lbs or more in a week instead of 1 or 2.
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