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Default Having Trouble for the Past Week


I am going through a week long binge. It started last Friday and has continued until today. I haven't eaten a GIGANTIC amount of food in comparison to other binges...but I would have to say way, way, way beyond normal. A lot of sweets...which quite honestly do not even taste as good as they used to. None of the food that I am eating really tastes good.

I feel like I can not stop eating. I have not been exercising as much, and I usually have always tried to do some type of physical activity everyday. I have lost weight since November and I do not want to screw this up for myself. It has been so much work.

Has anyone ever experienced this? How difficult was it to stop? I really hope that I can get back on track...my exercise DVDs are collecting dust...literally!
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Yes, I know how you feel! I've been struggling with binge eating all my life, but it wasn't until recently that I realized it and got my eating habits under control. But the last couple of weeks have been rough for me; just broke up with my long term boyfriend and I've been really stress about midterms and papers at school. I turned to eating a couple of times and it was difficult to get out of 'eating rhythm', but you can do it!

You literally have to say OUT LOUD to yourself to STOP. Just say NO! Then you may have to really push yourself to get back into the exercise mode, but once you start, you'll get back on track! And you'll feel SO much better once you start normalizing your routine again! It's all an emotional battle, but you can get through it! Just think about how happy you'll be once you get back into the swing of things again! Good Luck!!
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I do the same thing with binge eating, once i start i just cant stop, or dont want to stop. Or sometimes if i feel i've screwed up in some way, by eating one meal a little more than i should have, then i get this mentality where i say 'oh well, might as well eat whatever i want now', and then i overeat for a week. today i literally told my husband to tell me 'no' when i wanted to eat more than was good for me. it worked. sometimes u need the support of others when u arent strong enough on your own. lucky we are here for each other!
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Default This may help...

When I feel a binge coming on...usually because of stress....I find I can short circuit it...(usually) by greatly increasing my water intake and by getting on a good vitamin regime. I find that at least part of my binge is fed by my body needing something. The water and vitamins calm that part and then I can get more rational. Getting back to exercise is good, too.

And don't yell too much at yourself. Tell yourself that you are doing better...your binge is better controlled than before then try to observe yourself and see if you can find your triggers...

This episode is not you...it is you trying to learn....

hope this helps....
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Thanks for the replies!

I have FINALLY gotten out of binge mode! At first I was up 5 lbs, but over the past few days my weight has decreased 3 lbs...so I think that I had a 2 to 3 lb gain overall.

Like GodLovinGirl had mentioned, I have noticed that if I eat a "bad" meal or snack earlier in the day, I end up starting a binge. I usually get into the mindset that because I have already screwed up my diet, I might as well eat junk the rest of the day.

I am going to try to increase my water intake and take my vitamin earlier in the day. Losing weight has been a lot of work, and I know that binging slows down the process. It usually happens once a month.

Thanks again!
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