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Default Binging during period?

Hi everyone, I just have a question about binging during that time of the month. For a month and a half now I have been doing well on my diet trying to eat between 1400 and 1800 cals per day. However, about a week ago it was like somebody flipped a switch and I just could not get full. I ate and ate and still felt the need to eat. 2 days ago, I ate 3,000 calories and still felt hungry when I went to bed. That night I had heartburn so bad from my stomach being full that it burned my throat and its still sore.
Today the intense cravings have diminished to almost nothing. My low-cal frozen dinners look delicious, and when I ate one I had no desire to eat more. I am back to 1400 cals easy with almost no effort. Lo and behold, this morning when I woke up I had started menustrating. Thats when it dawned on me that this could be from my menstrual cycle! Is this normal? I mean, yes, I know that people get cravings during this time....but don't you think my case is a bit extreme?
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Hey Chickie! I didn't want you to think you were being ignored! This forum gets a little slow sometimes but everyone luvs ya! Actually, your binge does seem a little extreme, but here's the thing... Whenever you are dealing with something like hormones, diet, cravings, mood, etc we are all so different! I know exactly what you are talking about with thinking it is possibly connected to your cycle. I think mine affects me too. Some months are worse than others...and it has changed as I got older as well, I have all sorts of different symptoms and things that happen now that never did before.

If you truly think that it is out of the ordinary talk to your Dr. about it and see what they say...they might have something that will help or some suggestions for you to try. As for me, all I can say is try not to get over tired (that leads to more cravings) eat as balanced as you can...small meals often to level out the blood sugar...get some exercise...anything you can manage...walking is a great way to start. I use has been helping alot recently (I use a strong cinnamon) it helps the snacking so much. (At least for now)

Take care and stick around...these ladies are really smart...
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I get the exactly the same way that time of month. I literally just don't get full no matter what or how much I eat. I've been referred to as a bottomless pit. I've learned to just live with the hunger for a few days, because I don't want to feel the guilt later on. Those days I spend a lot of time in my bedroom dancing around to loud music so instead of taking in a bunch of calories, I can get rid of some. Just find ways to distract yourself. I have to find a lot of ways to keep busy. I also like to paint my nails, take bubble baths, or just anything that will prevent me from over-indulging.
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I definitely eat more when I'm PMSing. I don't necessarily feel like a bottomless pit but I get cravings for sweets so bad! I also get really emotional and I'm an emotional eater, so that doesn't help at all. I think hormones effect people to different degrees, maybe that's why some people notice a difference and others don't. I definitely understand what you mean though. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
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sounds like you could be a little out of balance. make sure you are getting enough iron, also you may want to try cutting down your refined sugars to a minimum the week before you start pms ing. also, the herb chasteberry is very good at balancing female hormones also there is a chinese medicinal formula called " womans eight treasure" that you might try. you can google it. if all else fails, make sure you exercise on a regular basis, it really does make a world of difference mentaly and physicaly with female problems.
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I feel like this through the first few days of my period. It is so irrational that I could just run into a wall a few times to knock myself straight. I just can't get enough- enough of anything. I use to thing that when women complained of PMS, cravings, and such it was a bunch of bs excuses- but now I know that isn't true all of the time.
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Well I don't binge but I definately feel so much hungrier for a few days before my period, so I just go with the flow and allow myself to eat a couple of extra healthy snacks. Since eating a much 'cleaner' diet I haven't had choccy cravings like I used to before my period though. Distraction sounds like a good idea to me!
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I have moments when I binge and I HATE it It is worse when I'm pms'ing too esp. with sweets!
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Right there with ya - About a week before TOM I just can't eat enough. Even after a bowl of pasta/dinner even allowing myself desert I'll be hungry again 30 minutes afterwards. On regular days I'm fine. Not sure what can be done but I keep exercising and reckon that its a good thing to realise whats happening and not just reach for more food.
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I get it twice at ovulation time (2 weeks after my period) and with my period usually the day before or first day of but then the next day or 2 it is a fight to eat I am just not that hungry.
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This is the worst time for me as well.. Its sooooo friggin' hard to just not eat eat eat eat.. well for me anyways.. its insane!!

Canadian Mom- that is a *very* hot picture you have of Leland..hehe Im gonna marry him one day
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Originally Posted by Ready2ShedLBS View Post
Canadian Mom- that is a *very* hot picture you have of Leland..hehe Im gonna marry him one day
LOl don't we all hope so.
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Showing some solidarity here! I get absolutely ravenous during my period and right before, and I'm disgustingly bloated regardless of whether I binge or not. AND I'm exhausted, so exercising is extra obnoxious.


Nothing to add here, just wanted to let you know that you're definitely not alone!
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Count me in. I have problems feeling full at any time but right before and the first couple days of my period I am absolutely a bottomless pit. I was thinking it was just me that was like that so I am relieved to find out I am not alone.
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ooooh so this explains why i haven't been satisfied with the amount i usually eat this past couple of days - im due on saturday! have so far resisted binging but i feel very tired, a bit anxious, unwilling to exercise as much as i should and im bloated! it's the first time my body has behaved in a 'normal' way actually..
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